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Happy New Year!

Whew, what a month… I don’t know about you, but holidays are a little bit like company, happy to see them come, and happy to see them go 😉 I mean how many sausage balls, party mix and chocolate can one eat? And while Santa Claus and gifts are wonderful, I’m grateful that the true meaning of Christmas infuses the season with love that transcends all the glitter. Focusing on this brings me peace!

I heard something the other day that piqued my interest. In a documentary on Jimmy Buffet (yes, you read that right, Jimmy Buffet of music and Margaritaville), Jimmy said that Humor was the absence of Terror and Terror was the absence of Humor. Have you ever heard this? Is this really true? The other point of the documentary that really hit home was when there were techies from Google asking him about his philanthropic attitude and his answer was simply that he had a good team and they made things happen. And while I already knew this… it really made me step back and look at the team that makes our magazines come to life every month and WOW, I feel like the luckiest girl EVER! 

Speaking of that team, welcome to the January edition of LKN Magazine! Everyone knows what January means… time to get in shape – mind, body and spirit! For your body, my friends at Orangetheory Fitness have got you covered. Every workout is different, so I never get bored, and love that you can track your progress. I’ve been hooked on Orangetheory for more than 4 years. It’s an amazing workout and the coaches are all incredible. Check out their story starting on page 28. Thank you, OTF for your faith and trust in my vision of LKN Magazine and your focus on finding the workout that works for so many. 

Please just dive in and enjoy all the pages of this January edition of LKN Magazine – there is something for everyone, but please let us know more of what else you would like to see in this space! We take feedback to heart!

Would like to wish a happy birthday to my amazing husband who is truly my best friend and right hand man. We have switched roles and y’all he’s killin’ it, he’s cooking, cleaning, mopping floors, even making the bed on occasion… washing and drying clothes (no, he hasn’t learned to fold and put them away yet), delivering magazines, reminding me to take my medication, and so much more. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, TEEJ! Again, I am a lucky, lucky girl! 


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