Lake Norman Honey – Oh, So Sweet

PHOTS BY CARRIE ALLEN, LLC That bee you saw buzzing around the lake may be one of the million that just moved here from Charlotte. George McAllister of Terrell is […]

It’s Okay to NOT Want More

BY GENEVIEVE CONDON Progress. Upward momentum. Promotions. Degrees. No matter what we call it, there is always the pressure and assumption that we must want to move upwards. That once […]

Retirement: The Emotional Journey

What happened? I thought it would be SO GREAT! What do you mean? You know. It sounded like the perfect fit, everything I wanted. And…? It’s not. We’ve all been […]

The View From the Lake

Charlie and Marianne Schuler LKN Magazine definitely wants you to know these two folks: Charlie and Marianne Schuler and not just because they are the publisher’s parents. You will likely […]

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