The Publisher’s Perspective

Headshot by CARRIE ALLEN Is this cover beautiful or what? Was it a challenge to capture a quickly changing sunset? Absolutely. Was it worth the effort? Without a doubt! It […]

Be Curious: It’s Good for You!

“Old age starts where curiosity ends.” Saramago, a Portuguese writer Lately, I’ve been curious about how curiosity – “the urge to discover, to investigate, to know more” – changes as […]

A Bow of Gallantry: Volume VIII

by TYLER HAMPTON Summer and its joys have come and gone. Vacations are memories and kids have returned to their classrooms. It may be a bittersweet time of year for […]

Get Inspired with Hibiscus

It’s so much more than just a beautiful tropical bloom! Hibiscus boasts many health and beauty benefits and can help you celebrate and stay cool this summer.  Summertime is the […]

Discovering Your Working Geniuses

by LESLIE SPEAS The Working Genius is a model and assessment that helps individuals identify their talents and frustrations in the context of how any work gets done – and […]

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