24 Favorite Things and Healthy Habit Hacks for 2024

BY LINDSEY FISHER, LindseyFisherNC.com

#1 – Hydration. Proper hydration is essential for both physical well-being and mental clarity. And, liquid calories add up quicker than you might realize. That sweet tea at lunch – 200 calories in 16 oz. That creamer in your coffee – 70 calories in 2T. Aim to drink at least 1/2 your body weight in ounces of clean, filtered water every day. Treat yourself to an alkaline water pitcher to keep the water flowing.

#2 – Give. Find a way to give your talents to someone every day. Be conscious of your thoughts and interactions. Each morning, think of three people with which you can create a positive interaction. A smile, a note, extra help, inspiration, a thought, a prayer, a hug…

#3 – Warm lemon water. Every single morning. Lemons offer a significant dose of vitamin C, produce alkalinity in the body, boost metabolism and immunity and keep skin clear from blemishes and breakouts. Add the juice of one whole lemon to a cup of warm water first thing in the morning to kickstart your day.

#4 – Morning routine. One that is effective and consistent. Practice this routine to promote relaxation, reduce stress and enhance spiritual awareness BEFORE picking up your phone. Three minutes of breath work, three minutes of gratitude and three minutes of goal setting.

#5 – Health apps. There are several very useful apps that can really help when it comes to dispelling the exorbitant amount of myths thrown at us with direct marketing from the food and drug industry. Not always 100% correct, but they can be a good guide; check out the Yuka app!

#6 – CBD. Yes, it is everywhere lately. But, if you choose to use CBD, you must find a reputable source. Just like food choices, better ingredients lead to better health. CBD works in conjunction with the endocannabinoid system in the body and can be very helpful with pain relief, anxiety and stress-related conditions.

#7 – Deep conversation. I am fascinated by people’s stories and successes; building supportive relationships that nurture community. We are the average of the five people we spend the most time with; so if you are surrounded by healthy people, you will be the 6th. If you are surrounded by lazy people, you will be the 6th. If you are surrounded by faithful people, you will be the 6th.

#8 – Coffee. Mushroom coffee and regular coffee. I love both and enjoy them while I am working (before noon). Make that cup worth it. Invest in good quality, fair trade, sustainably sourced coffee that is not just drinking a cup for the creamer. When that cup of coffee is higher quality with less sugar, over time you will drink less and enjoy it more.

#9 – Movement. Sitting for more than 90-minute work “jam sessions” creates a stiff and slow body and brain. The Harvard Business Journal supports this work structure to keep your body moving. Concentrate on increased range of motion around the joints; especially if you sit at a desk most of the day. Listen to your body, and it will tell you what it needs; stretching, foam rolling, a walk, a massage, etc. As fascia through the muscle stiffens with age, foam rolling can be a game changer.

#10 – Rebounder. As we sit, our lymphatic system can become less effective. Our lymphatic system is our main defense against disease and maintaining fluid balance in the body. The main lymph vessels run up the legs, up the arms and up the torso. This is why the vertical up-and-down movement of rebounding is a healthy practice and so effective to pump the lymph.

#11 – Chocolate. Keep in mind that I am not talking about a processed candy bar. Ultimately, dark chocolate is the way to go with less added sugar. If you typically turn to that candy bar, start with transitioning to a semi-sweet and work your way to about 85% dark chocolate. One to two squares ends up being the perfect amount to satisfy that sweet tooth.

#12 – Intentionality. Sometimes I am intentional about getting lost down the rabbit hole of Instagram, but I definitely set boundaries for this brainless time. Time is precious, and instead of getting caught in aimless scrolling of utmost comparison and negativity, you can find a creative app or alternate activity that is intentionally stimulating. Learn a new language on Duolingo!

#13 – Gratitude focus. Three minutes every morning and night. The consistency and focus will shift your energy! Where your focus goes, your energy and attention flows. We have 40 million bits of information thrown at us every second and only have the mental capacity to process 40 at a time! Conscious decision and awareness help us to focus on the 40 bits that matter.

#14 – Sleep. Nothing feels better than waking up in the morning after a good night of sleep – energized with mental clarity and ready to make the most of the day. Humans do need seven to eight hours of quality sleep a night for proper recovery and overall wellness. Lack of sleep can contribute to weight gain, weakened immune system, mood changes, impaired physical performance, weakened cardiovascular health, etc.

#15 – Redmond Real Salt. Control your salt intake and, when you use salt, choose one that has not been stripped of all good trace minerals. The right amount of salt is necessary for proper nerve conduction, muscle contraction and balance of water and minerals.

#16 – Family time. As the kids age, this gets more and more challenging, but it is still the best time when we come together as a family or as a couple at the dinner table at least once a week. Studies have proven that kids perform better in school and have better communication with their parents when families come together at the table.

#17 – Socks. Runners or anyone engaging in exercise! It pays off to invest in good socks; especially as you increase your distance, do sprints or hit the gym for a HIIT workout.

#18 – Collagen. Add it to your water or smoothie daily. As we age, collagen production in the body diminishes quickly; significantly after age 40. Eating a nutrient rich diet can help combat this decline, but supplementation is a good insurance policy and can help as well.


#19 – Podcasts. Go for a walk, listen to a podcast. Driving – listen to a podcast. Working in the office – listen to a podcast. Traveling – listen to a podcast. There are so many hosts sharing relatable information and education! Find one that interests you or is focused on something that stimulates learning. Some of my recent favorites are The Mindpower Podcast, The Chalene Show, Amy Porterfield – Online Marketing and The Cabral Concept.

#20 – Ice cream. Who doesn’t love ice cream? But, we also need to remember that ice cream is a treat, not a daily dietary staple that leads to lots of added sugar and inches around the waistline. Make your own protein-rich ice cream. All you need is frozen bananas, Greek yogurt, peanut butter and cacao powder.

#21 – Costco. With inflation still wreaking havoc, buying in bulk can help you save significantly. Shopping at different stores can save as well. Costco happens to have one of the largest organic grocery sections and some of my favorite finds!

#22 – Sauna. Challenging your body is essential for vitality, longevity and for your fitness regimen. Scientists continue to prove the benefits of alternative fitness such as yoga, contrast therapy, cryotherapy and regular saunas; for physical and mental health. A good challenge stimulates mental toughness; while contrast therapy is all the rage right now and for good reason.

#23 – Mindset. Change your mindset. Precise mental clarity to achieve my goals is top of mind for me every single day. Set life goals and work backwards so that your everyday passion, purpose and principles are aligned. There are many tools to get you on the right track so that precious time is not wasted.

#24 – Health and Vitality. It seems obvious; but when my coach walked me through identifying my own priorities, health and fitness was in the top three. This means overall health – mind, body and spirit. One diet does not fit all. One fitness regimen does not fit all. One spiritual practice does not fit all. Recognize and embrace your uniqueness and ask for help when needed! Even the best coaches need coaches. There is plenty of misinformation out there. Work with someone you trust to create a plan for yourself.


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