A Bow of Gallantry: Volume IV


April is here, and with it comes my favorite holiday… the colors are bright, the weather is perfect, and people gather in droves to celebrate while the pianos play and the birds chirp in the background. Easter is wonderful, but Masters Sunday is entirely unmatched.

Will 2023 bring a repeat victor, or will this be the year in which Rory, Justin Thomas, or Jon Rahm finally gets the coveted green jacket?  Only time will tell, but until the final pairing rounds Amen Corner and makes its way back to the clubhouse, the anticipation and excitement will continually grow.

Known worldwide as A Tradition Unlike Any Other, The Masters exhibits to the public the sheer beauty of Augusta National, the pure glory of victory, and the painstaking agony of defeat. One aspect which has changed, however, is style in golf. Of course, there are plenty of great looking and functional golf apparel collections today, but seemingly lacking is the pride in those of us wearing them. On so many occasions, I see untucked shirts, backwards hats, and even skin-tight joggers on the golf course. This only makes me long for the era of golf being truly stylish. I don’t mean knickers and tweed like the olden days of Bobby Jones, rather the effortlessly-masculine style of the 60s with Arnold Palmer, Ben Hogan, and Sam Snead. These guys were tough competitors, and they certainly looked the part.

While performance fabrics and stretch are clearly here to stay, we’re seeing a resurgence of natural fibers in golf attire as well. In many cases, this is in the form of a blend of cotton and elastane, but cotton is making a comeback!  Not only do cottons look better on the course, they’re much more appropriate to dress up for a sophisticated-casual look off the course also.  They just lay better and give the appearance of more effort than athleisure. If you haven’t worn one of these shirts or pants in a while, give it a try and you’ll see that cotton can be equally as comfortable as the synthetic performance materials, if not more so.

One of my favorite golf apparel lines on the market currently is Holderness & Bourne. The collection blends classic style with a modern, tailored fit, and the materials they use are a step or two above most other offerings. Unlike the majority of performance lines, it’s not made in China. The shirt collars all feature built-in collar stays and a structured interior, so they always stand up and look nice, plus genuine shell buttons and clean hardware on the pullovers. The branding is minimal as the quality speaks for itself. One of the founders, Alex Holderness, is a Charlotte native as well! Swing by Hampton’s and try one on…it’s sure to be your new go-to golf shirt.

The countdown is on to Masters Sunday. Until then, get out and enjoy a few rounds for yourself- and remember to look good doing it!


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