A Bow of Gallantry Volume IX

Just like that, we’re into October… While I love the Summer, this is always a welcome change for me: the populous calendar of events, brisk mornings, vibrant colors in nature, and of course, the tasteful fashion are among the multitude of reasons that the Autumn season is one of my favorite times of the year.  

Fall fashion ranks atop the list for many within the industry and outside of it.  The colors, fabrics, textures, and pairings all lend themselves to a sophisticated style that looks great on everyone.  Though often overlooked, the art of dressing seasonally isn’t difficult to master.  This transitional period from Summer to Fall is an exciting time for your closet.  Over are the days of just looking for the lightest, most breathable thing you can find, and now you can have some fun with your wardrobe by adding layers, new colors, and exploring fabrics which would be unbearable in the heat of Summer.

If you’re like most men who come into Hampton’s, you have a plethora of blue in your collection.  Blue and grey have always been and will always be the two most dominant colors in menswear; however, some additional tones for the season are always appropriate.  For the Fall, earth tones, such as olive, burned orange, and burgundy take the stage as colors everyone can wear easily and well.  They all work together, or pair with other basics (khaki, denim, navy).  Don’t be afraid to push your boundaries and escape the comfort zone a little… chances are, you’ll like it!

When it comes to fabrics, the options are nearly endless for this season. For suits and sportcoats, heavier wools, woolen flannels, and cashmeres are always strong choices.  They drape well, are soft and comfortable to wear, and create a timeless look for the wearer.  Men have been wearing flannel suits and pants since the original business suits developed, and the look isn’t going anywhere.  If you’re lacking this option in your arsenal, consider adding it- you won’t regret it.  For outerwear, my personal favorites are cashmere and leather or suede.  The style is unending and the durability and function are impeccable.  For footwear, it’s time for suedes and boots!  Suede shoes and boots can easily be worn all year, but they absolutely shine in the Fall.

Layering is my personal favorite part of colder weather. Sweaters and jackets are the true stars of Autumn and Winter.  They’re functional ways to accessorize your outfit without adding any items to carry around, such as a scarf.  Cashmere sweaters are the epitome of luxury in terms of knitwear; they’re lightweight, yet provide unmatched warmth when needed, and regulate temperature when indoors so that removal isn’t necessary.  A good cashmere sweater is an heirloom piece.  Merino wool hails second in popularity to cashmere.  Merino offers a similar function, but provides a little less warmth and bulk in comparison to cashmere.  Both are stylish options of equal importance, and deserve a place in your cedar chest.

Swing by the store and you’ll see why we love this season so much. The options we have to enhance your closet this Fall and Winter are the best we’ve ever had, and we can’t wait to show you.  Like I said before, don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone of blue and grey… I can almost guarantee you’ll enjoy it, and so will your wife.


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