A Bow of Gallantry Volume VII


Hampton’s has made its way to downtown Mooresville, and we’re loving our new home in the historic district of Main Street!  We have great new neighbors, a beautiful new store, and a lively environment in which to enjoy both. After spending the last six years in lackluster Langtree, this breath of fresh air is certainly welcome.

Speaking of fresh air, the state of fashion over the past few years has been much of the same each season: hoodies, sneakers, and athleisure ruling the world. The times, they are a-changin’!  I believe we’re all finally exhausted of seeing pajamas in public… as Rhett Butler said to Scarlett O’Hara, “thank Heavens you’re not in rags; I’m tired of seeing women in rags!” I’m not sure that has ever been more relatable.

Thankfully, this upcoming fall, we’re seeing a shift back into the real world, but further back than you may recall… fits are easing, the double-breasted jacket is back in play, and the five-pocket is giving way to the trouser again. This is not to say you should start shopping for Michael Jordan’s wardrobe of the 90s… you should still wear your proper size, and make sure the styles are current. Two of the best ways to tell are: the gorge (where the lapel and collar meet) on your coat should still be just below your collarbone, and your pants shouldn’t have pleats.

Proportions also matter. When I say fits are easing, I mean bridging the gap between 90s MJ and Peewee Herman, back to a normal and timeless drape. Garments should be tailored, but not skin-tight and short, as you may see on some celebrities today. Remember, just because an athlete or celebrity is wearing it doesn’t mean it looks good. In attempts to be unique, many times they end up looking rather ridiculous. Of course, there are exceptions, and this is where the difference between fashion and style is displayed. One of my favorite style quotes regarding this is simple, yet powerful, from Yves Saint Laurent: “Fashions fade; style is eternal.” The impact of this statement is evident through the likes of icons such as Cary Grant, Paul Newman, Princess Diana, and Audrey Hepburn. Everything they wore in their respective eras is still relevant today. Cam Newton’s latest fiasco will never be that.

Take the time to invest in quality, timeless pieces, and they will take care of you for years to come. The building in which Hampton’s is now located is one of downtown Mooresville’s oldest, and seeing the quality of craftsmanship in the hand-carved beams, bricks, and flooring just reinforces that style in all aspects is undying. I invite you to visit our new home at 138 North Main Street and see the tasteful beauty in both the menswear and architecture… we’d love to have you and help inspire your next great style endeavor.


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