A Bow of Gallantry Volume XIV


You routinely hear the quote “dress for the job you want, not the job you have.”  My rebuttal to that is “why not just dress for the job you have?”  There should be no shame in dressing better than you must; in fact, doing so can improve not only your overall mood, but your confidence, public perception, and even your performance whether at work or in your daily life.  The realization of this gave birth to the power suit- an oversized suit with broad lapels and padded shoulders, giving the wearer an appearance of being larger and authoritative.  Though the style has changed drastically since the days of the power suit, the mentality of it remains.

A well-tailored suit commands respect and exudes confidence.  Sliding on the matching jacket and trouser can make you feel untouchable.  Cinching a perfectly paired tie around your neck and slipping on a matching shoe and belt combination only amplifies that sense of being.  A complete ensemble made for you and fitted to your exact measurements and needs will carry you far in life.  Even better is that with this, you waste no time in thinking about what to wear- you just know.  While this outfit can be anything you desire, it doesn’t have to be anything loud or out of the ordinary.  Contrary to the aforementioned power suit, the style today, coined “quiet luxury,” is much more subtle.  The most important parts are the fit and the feeling you have while wearing it.

One rejection to suits or sportcoats I often hear is that the man has nowhere to wear them or will be out of place at work.  This could not be further from the truth!  You can wear them anywhere, and the only way to be out of place is by wearing them with uncertainty.  If you feel that when going into a meeting, out to dinner, or simply any time, that you are overdressed, you are approaching it incorrectly.  You are not overdressed; your colleagues are simply underdressed.  If someone asks you “why are you wearing a suit/coat/tie?” ask them in return, why they are not.  Trust me, it’s okay to dress as if you care.  Golf attire and athleisure have their places: the golf course and lounging at home.  Business and sophisticated restaurants call for holding yourself and your peers to a higher standard, and there is nothing wrong with doing so. Give it a try, and you will see what I mean.

Whether or not you realize it, we all have outfits which make us feel better about ourselves.  Should you feel that this is not a part of your arsenal, or you would just like to expand your collection, stop by Hampton’s and let us assist you. We can create exactly what you need to achieve this feeling and your next goals.  We’ve already completed the first quarter of 2024… for the remainder of the year, challenge yourself to be bold and confident.  After all, no one ever speaks highly of the most boring and lackadaisical man in the room.


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