A Bow of Gallantry – Volume XV


In the first edition of A Bow of Gallantry, I addressed the topic of having your own “personal style,” but since then, I have inadvertently ignored that particular subject. This is not in relation to its importance; rather that I, like many others in the clothing industry, tend to focus on mainstays of the wardrobe and getting people to dress better overall instead of developing or pushing the boundaries of their personal style.  We all have our favorite articles of clothing; personally, sportcoats top the list due to the versatility and individuality which can be expressed with them; the different colors, patterns, and fabric blends create nearly endless possibilities and significant visual interest. A great coat is an easy way to enhance an otherwise casual outfit or add some flair to a trouser and dress shirt, but let’s not forget where you can truly insert fun and individualism into your ensembles: the accessories.

When was the last time you took pride in your shoes, belt and buckle, watch, cuff links, neckwear, pocket square, or any of the various accessories designed to accentuate your style?  Women do this constantly with bags, belts, scarves, and jewelry… Look at the emphasis they put on these adornments; much of the time, they end up being the outfit while the clothing itself is simply a base.  The voguish man follows suit. I am an avid proponent of complementary efforts between men and women when out together.  The lady, of course, will be the main attraction, but the man shouldn’t look disheveled while she is elegant.  Ask your wife or girlfriend… I can assure you: she notices.

The welcome resurgence of men caring about their appearances has caused this category to grow exponentially.  No longer do your accessories need to be basic and boring… a truly unique item or style can even be a conversation-starter with a random stranger; this has happened to me numerous times.  Unsure of where to start building your collection?  The options are truly endless, especially when factoring in custom items…

  • Belts in sophisticated exotic skins and hand-finished leathers by LEN Lifestyle
  • Silver buckles, money clips, bracelets, and cufflinks by Clint Orms Silversmiths & Engravers
  • Exotic knives, pens, and bracelets by William Henry
  • A simple and versatile dress watch by a reputable manufacturer
  • Ties and Pocket Squares by Seaward & Stearn; Neckerchiefs by Ruth Graves Designs

Aside from the aesthetic benefits of accessorizing well, several of these items are eternal in durability and style, and they will gain significant sentimental value when passed down as heirlooms.  What would it mean to you to receive your father’s or grandfather’s alligator belt and monogrammed silver buckle or money clip?  These investment pieces are the perfect additions for enhancing and expanding your personal style as well as ensuring that your legacy carries on for generations to come.  They also make incredible gifts… Graduation and Father’s Day are right around the corner!

 While the mainstays and necessities are always important, equally so is your individuality and the pieces you use to embrace it.  After all, you never get a second chance to make a first impression.


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