A Bow of Gallantry


“For a gallant spirit, there can never be defeat.” – Wallis Simpson

When you think of icons of men’s style, who comes to mind?  Clark Gable? Cary Grant? Steve McQueen?  Of course, there are countless answers to that question, but all will have one thing in common: their own personal style. This applied not only to the clothing they chose to wear, but the ways in which they carried and presented themselves to the public eye. It’s no different for you or me, either…

Some of you may recognize me from my men’s store, Hampton’s, in Mooresville. For those of you who aren’t familiar, however, I’d like to take a moment in this initial column to introduce myself. My name is Tyler Hampton. I’m a Lake Norman native and started the business out of a desire to supply my fellow lake-area men with fashions previously unavailable without taking a trip to a larger city or even another country.  Nine years later, I’m proud to say the store has served some of the most notable men at the lake, and we look forward to continuing this trend for years to come. I’m grateful for the opportunity to do so and for this one given to me by LKN Magazine to share with you anecdotes and advice relating to men’s style.


Now, let’s talk about your style…The new year is here, and this means you’re probably working on dropping some holiday weight and starting to get back into shape. You’re updating and upgrading yourself, so it’s the perfect time to make sure your wardrobe accentuates your efforts! Trimmer fits and cleaner lines keep you from looking sloppy, or like you’re a kid wearing his dad’s suit. Even if you’re struggling to shed a few pounds gained over the winter, there are numerous ways to mask that and enhance your appearance. From the way a shirt collar frames the face, to the depth of a button stance (the height of the top button on your jacket) making you appear taller and slimmer, these are just a couple of things to consider when assembling your wardrobe. 

Another important factor pertaining to winter weight is comfort…“Stretch” is absolutely a key word in the menswear world, even in the most luxurious Italian tailor shops, but it doesn’t have to mean athleisure. There are plenty of options available to make a sophisticated outfit as comfortable as your t-shirt and athletic pants. A nice five pocket pant, sport shirt with natural elasticity, and a sweater or soft-tailored sportcoat can work wonders for your appearance at work, going to dinner, or just for a night out on the town. It may be different from what you’ve become accustomed to throughout the past two years, but as Peter Brady sang in his cracking voice, it’s time to change; it’s time to make an impression again.

In the name of a gallant spirit, you should never fear being the best-dressed man in the room.

-Tyler A. Hampton

If you have any questions or a topic you’d like to see addressed, please feel free to contact me at Tyler@HamptonsMens.com


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