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Jean Marie Johnson is the first to say that she entered this life “with an inquisitive mind, a mush-melon heart, a significant degree of sass and a passion for all things beautiful.” She secured her first full time summer job at the age of twelve as a babysitter, sold Avon and babysat throughout high school, won a scholarship to a commuter college and tutored and worked in the placement office for extra cash. In the ensuing decades, Jean Marie travelled extensively, both domestically, and abroad, supporting organizations in their quest to enhance the employee and customer experience.  Over time, she evolved as a writer, speaker and provocateur, channeling years of life experience to support women on their journeys to embrace and express the person they were born to be. While continuing her work as an organizational learning strategist and writer, Jean Marie also writes about the joys and challenges of cultivating an authentic, “perfectly-imperfect” life. Jean Marie holds a BA in Social Work and an MS in Human Resource Development and Counseling. In her spare time, she can be found walking, tending her herb garden, feeding her backyard birds, hunting for great finds and always cultivating the beauty and the raw authenticity around her.

Releasing the “Shoulds”

Many of us “should” on ourselves a lot. Whether it’s about our health, as in: I should eat better I should exercise more I should lose 15 pounds. Or about

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Making Strange Connections

Every year, by the grace of God, I fly home to Connecticut for several days in the early part of December. In the few short years since I’ve relocated, we’ve

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Napping is Good for You

For the longest time, I was an adamant anti-napper. In my naïve arrogance, I thought “Who has time for such a thing? Napping is for babies, preschoolers and seriously old

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Inhabit Your Life

Prompted by my third gear penchant for planning, I started thinking about my “new year’s resolutions” on a 92-degree day in mid-July. “Resolutions” felt a lot like that cod liver

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Just Move!

Sit down. Have a seat. I just want to sit. We Americans do a lot of sitting. Consider these disturbing stats: sedentary jobs in the US have increased 83% since

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