Kasey Jamison

Chief Sales Officer

Originally from Charlotte, Kasey Jamison has spent the last 17 years in New York City where she’s built a career in advertising sales working for companies like Yahoo!, Amazon, and Instacart. She brings energy and passion to her work in helping brands & businesses tell their stories to make meaningful connections with consumers. Kasey and her family: husband Rocky (writer), sons Hudson (7) and Ryder (4), split their time between NYC & Lake Norman. On any given day, you can find them playing sports (especially tennis!), swimming in the lake, or visiting new restaurants and shops in the area. They love all things outdoors and making connections with the people around them.

Give the Gift of Being Present

The holiday season has always been my favorite time of year, but more so now than ever as I experience the magic through the eyes of my seven- and four-year-old

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The Power of Positivity

PHOTO BY CARRIE ALLEN A few days ago, I was sitting at the edge of the playground with a few of my mom friends while our kids played, and we

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Farewell Burnout, Hello Harmony

PHOTOS BY CARRIE ALLEN, LLC BY KASEY JAMISON Anyone else out there battling with the constant pull of priorities and the gnawing feeling that there aren’t enough hours in the

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