Bibles in Schools: Sharing Faith Across the Country

A simple, heartfelt conversation with one of her second-grade students sent teacher Hannah Sailsbury in a life-changing, purposeful direction, founding the non-profit group Bibles in Schools in 2019. 

Even before the organization was officially launched, hundreds of people were praying for this initiative that by the end of April 2023, had reached a major milestone of donating Bibles to schools in all 50 states!

“My students inspired me,” shares Hannah. “I saw how much they wanted to read the Bible, and then I saw the impact of having an engaging Bible available in the school library.”

After rallying a team of friends, family, and people from her church, Hannah and the group donated The Action Storybook Bible to each of the 38 public elementary school libraries in their county. She witnessed her students enthusiastically reading the books, and saw them sharing about Jesus with their friends, families, and other teachers.

“Literally, right in front of my eyes, I was seeing Jesus being spread throughout my school and community!” she adds.

With a degree in education from Liberty University, Hannah was a Special Education teacher for eight years in Virginia before leaving her position in 2021 to devote her full attention and energy to the growing mission. She is passionate about sharing Gods word, and having traveled to 20 countries, in thankful for the experiences of travel and teaching that have helped strengthen her faith. 

“It inspires me because I try to live by the words ‘do for one what you wish you can do for everyone’ — and there are many students longing to read the Bible, we just need to make it available,” she adds.

The Action Bible — Heroes and Villains introduces children to more than 75 Bible characters, sharing their backgrounds, occupations, and personalities — along with both their strengths and their failings. Through those pages young readers receive historical background and a guide to ancient and modern-day locations, told through diagrams, stories and fun facts — with lots of adventure along the way.

Illustrated with a captivating modern artwork style, The Action Bible — Heroes and Villains is the most complete adventure Bible ever created, and it appeals both visually and intellectually to today’s young students. It’s the perfect format and voice for students.

The group’s core goals are simple, yet powerful:

  • Every public-school library in the United States will have engaging Bibles on their shelves.
  • Students and their families will be transformed by the Bible and come to have a personal relationship with Jesus.
  • People would be educated on their rights within the public schools, so they can live out their faith boldly.

Teachers and school librarians are encouraged to leave feedback on the Bibles in Schools website, and visitors can also reach out to see if the group has donated within their school system, or if a need still exists, where they could become involved.

For more information call 804-638-9624, email, and visit for more details specifically for librarians, teachers, volunteers, and anyone interested in joining the Bibles in Schools prayer team. Bibles in Schools is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.


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