Three Benefits of Powering-Up Your 401(k)

The contribution limits for 401(k) plans increase for tax year 2023. For those looking to max out their plans, the most you can contribute will be $22,500—an increase of $2,000. […]

The Intricacies of the English Language

by MEGAN TAYLOR  According to, the word “sequoia” is often considered to be the most beautiful word in the English language with “euphoria” coming in as number two. Other […]

One Man’s Perspective: Amazon River 

by CHARLIE SCHULER What do you think of when someone mentions the Amazon River? For me, it’s kind of a dark river surrounded by a very heavy jungle; like I […]

I Returned to Italy: Here’s What Changed

In November 2021, I took a two-week solo trip to Southern Italy, which lived up to every expectation I had after nearly three years of planning (thanks to COVID-19). Almost […]

Releasing the “Shoulds”

Many of us “should” on ourselves a lot. Whether it’s about our health, as in: I should eat better I should exercise more I should lose 15 pounds. Or about […]

What I Learned about Being Irish

by MEGAN TAYLOR It seems as if everyone considers themselves to be just a little bit Irish every year when March 17, St. Patrick’s Day rolls around. From the celebrations […]

The Five Love Languages: Physical Touch

by TABATHA RENEGAR Welcome to part three in the Love Language article series.  I hope that you have enjoyed learning more about words of affirmation and acts of service.  As […]

Making Strange Connections

Every year, by the grace of God, I fly home to Connecticut for several days in the early part of December. In the few short years since I’ve relocated, we’ve […]

Elijah Kell Art: Creations from the Heart

“Working with glass fascinates and challenges me. It’s like painting a canvas that I bring into three-dimensional form.” – Elijah Kell Elijah Kell is an artist of the most passionate […]