Your Happy Retirement

Remember that Beatles song “Can’t Buy Me Love?” It’s now playing from the radio station archives of my mind. And you know, there’s something else you can’t just buy: happiness. […]

Sustaining Your Relationship Once You’re Retired

You’ve arrived in the promised land of retirement with your significant other and, to your utter dismay…it’s not exactly smooth sailing. You think, “It’s me.” Or, “It’s not my fault.” […]

Relishing Retirement: Stay Young at Heart

If I asked you what you “should” do to stay healthy in your later years, you would probably say: eat right, stay active, exercise, manage my weight and my health, […]

Retirement: Porch Sitting

I am famous, well, perhaps “infamous” for my porch sitting. Oh, there’s Jean Marie again, say “Hey” y’all.  I happen to be a stickler for self-awareness and self-acceptance. I mean, […]

Retirement: The Emotional Journey

What happened? I thought it would be SO GREAT! What do you mean? You know. It sounded like the perfect fit, everything I wanted. And…? It’s not. We’ve all been […]

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