Charlotte Rescue Mission – From Addiction to Recovery

Founded in 1938 by a group of Christian business leaders who felt a strong need to serve those facing homelessness, Charlotte Rescue Mission has evolved through the decades, turning its focus to addiction recovery.

Their life-changing support provides free, Christian-based residential recovery programs to aid those who are struggling with the disease of addiction and guide them in achieving long-term sobriety. With that sobriety, they are able to find employment, secure stable housing and get connected to the community while working personally to restore healthy relationships.

Residents experience weekly individual counseling, as well as group therapy, education classes, life skills training, Biblical application for emotional wounds and sober support group development during the 120-day program. It’s a holistic approach designed to ensure residents develop a better understanding of the root causes of their addiction. They learn to “overcome” the pressures that are associated with remaining drug and alcohol-free, and developing skills to manage specific life situations that can trigger a relapse.

“At Charlotte Rescue Mission, our team finds inspiration in witnessing the transformative journey of individuals overcoming addiction and building new lives,” said Kenzie West, communications & marketing specialist. “The resilience and courage displayed by our program participants serve as a powerful reminder of the potential for change and redemption. Witnessing individuals reclaim their lives, rebuild relationships and embrace a healthier future fuels our team’s dedication to providing support and guidance throughout the recovery process.”

For Jeff Glenn, faith relations coordinator at Charlotte Rescue Mission, the passion for being called to CRM is personal. 

“Addiction nearly took my life in 2003, so I have empathetic insight for our folks,” said Jeff. “Of importance? I recall reading the AA Big Book for the first time (in a half-way house after losing my home and family) and seeing the text that stated ‘we have come to understand and believe that our condition is but a symptom.’ My immediate thought was ‘what, then, is the cause?’ And, since I was in recovery, what is it that I need to recover? This is the journey of healing from substance abuse. The cause? A broken relationship with God Himself that, because of His unconditional love, He will ensure gets recovered and restored!”

For admission to both the Rebound Men’s Program and the Dove’s Nest Women’s Program, the individual seeking admission must call for themselves, and then participate in a telephone screening to determine their appropriateness for the facility. While it’s understandable that friends and family members feel concern and frustration for their loved ones, it is the individuals themselves who must demonstrate a true desire to enter treatment. Making the call to start the admission process begins the personal recovery process.

To be eligible, a resident must:

  • Be 18 years or older
  • Be motivated for making major life changes and willing to follow directions
  • Have an original valid photo ID and a social security card upon admission
  • Submit to a full drug screen, including alcohol, upon admission
  • Be medically and mentally stable
  • Be able to sit for one hour at a time
  • Be able to climb stairs
  • Not be on any medications that contain benzodiazepines, barbiturates, alcohol or narcotics
  • Be able to read on a 7th grade level
  • Speak, hear, read and write English
  • Have a 30-day supply of current medications with two refills

Joining this amazing mission as a loving community member is a meaningful way to make a difference. Here are ways you can become involved:

Volunteer: Contribute your time and skills by volunteering at Charlotte Rescue Mission. Whether it’s assisting in programs, events or administrative tasks, your time is invaluable.

Donations: Support the mission through financial contributions. Your donations enable us to provide essential resources and programs to individuals on their journey to recovery.

Create Awareness: Share Charlotte Rescue Mission with your network of friends, family and colleagues! By raising awareness about addiction and recovery, you help reduce stigma and encourage understanding.

Attend Events: Participate in fundraising and awareness events. Your presence and support contribute to the success of these initiatives.

Provide Resources: Offer in-kind donations such as clothing, food or other daily necessities that directly benefit those in our programs.

For questions regarding admission to one of the Charlotte Rescue Mission programs, email, or call 704.333.4673. Stay up-to-date by visiting them at, following them on Facebook and Instagram @charlotterescuemission and watching for updates on their new building coming this spring! Men’s Recovery is located at 907 W. 1st Street, in Charlotte, and Women’s Recovery is at 2855 West Boulevard.


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