Ditch the Resolutions; Focus on Your 3Ps

Here we are heading into the final month of 2023. 

How can that be? 

Wasn’t it just spring last week? 

As cliché as it sounds, time seems to pass so quickly the older we get. As the days and months fly by, I find myself thinking of how much I want to accomplish – in business, relationships, health, wealth as well as spiritual and personal growth in this season and in the year ahead. What do you think? Are you embracing this season of life, the upcoming holiday season and the potential that exists in the new year? 

Remember, what we resist, persists. 

I reflect on my journey this year and have set goals for 2024! I am excited to embrace this season for all it is and listen to God calling me to be where I am. At the same time, I find excitement in each sunrise and fulfillment in each sunset. I can remain in a place of daily gratitude despite the incredible business roller coaster I have been on through 2023. This year has fueled my perseverance and drive and served as a reminder that the only limitation in getting to where I want to be in life is myself. 

Being a coach, educator, motivator, speaker, guide; I am only excellent in my trade because of my mindset and the exceptional coaching and guidance from my own coaches and mentors. 

“Success is not an accident, success is a choice.” ~ Stephen Curry

In 2014, Pete Carroll led the Seattle Seahawks to their first Super Bowl win in franchise history after engaging every team member to work with a mindpower coach. Powerful story.

As my clients focus on health and fitness goals, I always begin with sharing, “your body will not do what your mind does not say ‘yes’ to first.”

So, here is a take-away for you as we head into this holiday season and into the new year. Before waiting until the end of December or first of January to make those resolutions for 2024, take some time to focus on your 3 Ps. It is amazing; the drive, determination and resilience that comes when your 3Ps are aligned. 




Your purpose. Where you are going in life. 

Your passion. How you will get there. 

Your principles. How will you behave on the journey.

Once you have these specifically defined, decisions become exceptionally clear. Productivity skyrockets. Mental clarity abounds. Relationships improve. Business grows. Healthy choices become a habit. You feel fulfilled and grateful every single day. 

So, let’s talk. I want to hear from you! Together we can make mountains move in 2024!


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