Double Birthday Celebration! Happy Birthday to the incredible Marianne and Charlie Schuler!

As January bids farewell to Marianne’s 84 years of wisdom and love, February welcomes Charlie’s remarkable 90th. We find ourselves immersed in a joyous celebration of two extraordinary lives!

Marianne, our vibrant beacon of grace and love, celebrated her 84th birthday with the same energy and enthusiasm that has defined her presence in our lives. You won’t catch her without a copy of LKN Magazine in hand, passionately embodying the spirit of its ambassadorship. Her dedication and zest for life inspire us all.

Charlie, the patriarch reaching the impressive milestone of 90 years this month, is a devoted retired recreational sailor who continues to enjoy boating and living in Lake Norman. He and Marianne spent years living on their sailboat, creating a life filled with nautical adventures and the soothing rhythm of the waves after retirement.

Together, Marianne and Charlie paint a heartwarming tapestry of love, commitment and shared adventures. Busy as bees, they both remain actively involved in the church, exemplifying their strong Christian faith. Their days are a testament to the values of service, love and dedication.

Your love story is an inspiration, and your dedication to each other, your family and your faith is the foundation upon which our lives are built. The pages of your life story are filled with moments of joy, triumph and a love that has only grown stronger with time.

As we gather to celebrate this milestone of an incredible couple who continues to teach us the true meaning of love, service and companionship, may these special days be filled with laughter, love and the company of those who hold you dear.

Happy 84th, Marianne, and Happy 90th, Charlie! Here’s to many more years of shared adventures, love and happiness. Cheers to the cutest couple we know!

With so much love,

Keela & Brooke (and all the family)


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