Juelerye – Artisan Gallery & Gifts – Proudly Sharing the Kent Stetson Collection

Step into downtown Mooresville and uncover Juelerye Artisan Gallery & Gifts – a haven where passion, creativity and, above all, joy infuses every corner. From the moment you arrive, you’re embraced by an infectious sense of joy that begs to be shared. More than just a destination – it’s a cherished secret you eagerly pass on to friends, knowing they’ll spread the joy, creating a ripple effect of happiness throughout the community and beyond.

“We are driven by meaningful relationships – with both our artists and clients,” says Gallery Owner Jacqueline Bassett. “When it comes to finding new artists for the store, I always strive to discover unique, handmade pieces that resonate with our customers and complement our existing offerings. That’s why I spend significant time researching and reaching out to new artisans.”

When she first discovered the Kent Stetson collection, Jacqueline immediately saw fantastic gifts and fun conversation starters that could pair with any outfit! “Kent’s work immediately caught my eye when I discovered him through social media. His commitment to handmade, eco-friendly designs made in the USA aligned perfectly with what we look for, and I knew his pieces would tie in beautifully with our store’s aesthetic.”

Jacqueline was drawn to the whimsical touch Kent brings to his designs and was thrilled when he reached out earlier this year and offered to do a trunk show at the store. She knows – from personal experience – clients will fall in love with his collection when they join the boutique for a Kent Stetson Trunk Show on Saturday, May 18th from 10:00 a.m. – 5:30 p.m., with a preview on Friday, May 17th from 5:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.

“For example, when I discovered his handbag featuring a rubber duck, I knew it was the perfect gift for my friend who adores her Jeep and the quirky culture surrounding it,” Jacqueline adds. “When another friend – a lover of shoes and wine – celebrated her 60th birthday, Kent’s clutch featuring a white wine design and 3D cork was an absolute hit!”

Each bag is handmade from Kent’s Rhode Island studio, where he sews and crafts each piece, finishing with his signature.

“I started this line in 2003 after discovering that my paintings sold really well when I cut them up and sewed them into bags,” shares Kent. “From there, we started incorporating photos and various themes, and we now have a unique and fun ‘going out’ bag that corresponds to clients’ favorite things and will beckon your tribe and prompt conversations around the things that interest you.”

The line has developed a worldwide following of collectors, some with as many as 100 pieces in their own private collection.

“I sell to a few hundred boutique, resort and museum stores throughout the world, and we only partner with those who can tell the true story of my collection! We don’t sell on Amazon or to big chain stores, working exclusively with boutique businesses, and we avoid selling to multiple stores near each other. Juelerye has a beautifully curated selection of fine American handcraft, so their team really understands how to stage my collection in a way that respects how special it is.”

Kent says when he’s doing his best work, he likes to think he’s channeling the person who will use the piece. 

“I want someone to feel the bag was made just for them, so I look for themes, motifs and patterns that aren’t already in the collection. We can also do something personal with someone’s own photograph – a dog or a favorite place, for example – as the origin point of the design.”

Kent Stetson creations are instantly recognizable with their distinctive envelope shape, saturated color and often, a 3D element attached to the bag, which has become Kent’s signature.  

 “Our customers have a discerning eye for handbags, and this one is its own style,” he adds. “I believe our pieces are a wardrobe staple that belong in everyone’s closet — to make a simple outing or a more formal event just a little more special!”

Experience the joy of Juelerye for yourself by visiting them at 112 South Main Street in Mooresville. Mark your calendar for the upcoming trunk show on May 18th. Can’t make it to the event? No problem! You can explore and shop the Kent Stetson collection on their website at juelerye.com and stay updated on the latest designs and events by following them on social media @juelerye. For more details or inquiries, call 704.728.9880. For more updates from Kent Stetson, follow @Kentstetson.


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