Lindsey Fisher Health: Season of Supplements

The supplement questions. I get them quite frequently.

The US supplement market is recorded to generate an astounding 40+ Billion per year. While you can most definitely go way overboard with supplementation; it is important that we supplement as an “insurance policy,” and certainly as we age. At the root of our health, our nutrition protocol should come from high quality, nutrient dense foods. However, even with a healthy, balanced diet we don’t always get the proper amounts of vitamins and minerals for optimal health. At the same time, the absorption rate of those vitamins and minerals can range from numerous contributing factors. This is especially notable with the increasing number of Americans with autoimmune or GI disease; obstructing the absorption of essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals caused by microbiome imbalances. Each year 62 million Americans are diagnosed with a digestive disorder. The incidence and prevalence of most digestive diseases increase with age. Other exceptions include hemorrhoids, inflammatory bowel disease, and chronic liver disease, which occur more commonly among young and middle-aged adults. ~GI Alliance

My vitamin cabinet has grown over the years; recognizing high quality supplements that are worth the investment. I always recommend taking the time to ask the questions and assess your

diet and supplements. Are you taking supplements at all? Are they the right ones for you? Do you have any health issues that could potentially stem from lack of vitamins or essential minerals? Do you have any contributing symptoms that could be from vitamin deficiency?

While I never diagnose or prescribe, I am extremely in tune with what the body needs, with what my clients needs are, and with holistic solutions that can drastically improve overall health. So, I do the research. If I find something that I know can potentially help someone

else, I will share it. My personal daily supplement regimen is as follows. This does not

necessarily mean it is the right one for you, but it is something to consider.

– Vitamin D (most Americans are deficient and this plays a huge role in immune support)

– Iron (every other day- also because I donate blood on a pretty regular basis)

– CoQ10

– Magnesium (necessary for proper muscle/nerve function and quality sleep)

– Turmeric (anti-inflammatory to combat our toxic food and environment)

– Wild Alaskan Fish Oil

– Raw Vitamin B Complex

– Collagen (beneficial for joint and skin health, especially as we age)

Additionally, we all need to be preventative (not reactive) when it comes to health, especially as we head into cold and flu season. This starts with getting enough sleep and staying hydrated. Always. This also may mean adding some supplements to your daily regimen. During this time of year, my cabinet is stocked right next to my toothbrush so that I do not forget anything if I start to feel even a twinge of sickness. It includes:

– Immune Boosting Ayurvedic Tea

– IO Plus

– Colloidal Silver

– Local Raw Honey (and some extra lemon)

– Additional CBD regimen

– Elderberry Syrup (local)

– Probiotic

Wishing you all the ultimate and most proactive plan for health always. If you have any questions or are interested in learning more, you can follow Lindsey on social media @LindseyFisherNC


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