Living Life Accent-Prone: Don’t Forget the Ceiling

photography by JEJ PHOTOS; interior design by CHERI LINGAFELT

The ceiling is often an overlooked canvas in interior design, yet it holds incredible potential to elevate a room’s aesthetic appeal. It’s time to give this often-neglected space the attention it deserves. By embracing the full potential of the ceiling, designers and homeowners can create visually stunning interiors that leave a lasting impression. The ceiling can be the “fourth wall” that takes your room from mediocre to breathtaking!

One of the most versatile ways to enhance a ceiling’s design is through the use of shiplap. This overlapping wood paneling adds a touch of rustic charm and texture to the ceiling, bringing warmth and character to the room. Whether used in a modern space or a rustic farmhouse setting, shiplap creates a visually intriguing overhead feature that adds depth and visual interest. Its timeless appeal and adaptability make shiplap a popular choice for transforming a plain ceiling into a captivating design element.

Now, let’s talk about those raw wood beams; they’re like the cherry on top of a perfectly designed room. Raw wood beams offer another compelling option for infusing a room with architectural allure. These beams can be left in their natural state, showcasing the organic beauty of the wood, or they can be stained to complement the overall color scheme of the room. When installed on the ceiling, raw wood beams create a sense of structural elegance while adding a touch of rustic sophistication. Their presence brings a sense of history and tradition to contemporary spaces, making them a compelling design choice for those seeking to marry modern and classic design elements. 

Who says wallpaper is just for the walls? Applying it to the ceiling is a bold, unexpected move that can completely change the mood of a room. Whether it’s a whimsical floral pattern, a bold geometric print or a sophisticated textured design, wallpaper on the ceiling adds an element of surprise and luxury. It draws the eyes upward, creating a sense of height and expansiveness and can redefine the entire ambiance of the space. By utilizing wallpaper on the ceiling, designers can introduce captivating patterns and colors that harmonize with the room’s overall decor, resulting in a truly unique and personalized interior.

Lastly, let’s talk about painting the ceiling a fun color. This is where you can really let your personality shine. A colorful ceiling serves as a statement piece, infusing the room with energy and personality. Whether it’s a deep jewel tone, a soft pastel or a bold and vibrant hue, a painted ceiling becomes the focal point of the space, commanding attention and setting a distinct tone. This daring design choice adds a playful and unexpected element to the room, encouraging creativity and individuality in interior design.

So, there you have it. The ceiling is so much more than just overhead space. It’s a design opportunity waiting to happen. By adding shiplap, raw wood beams, wallpaper or a daring paint color, the ceiling becomes the wow factor of the room, bringing life and personality to the space. So, let’s give the ceiling the love it deserves and turn it into the star of the show!

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