Loyal to Local: Seven Seed Soap Company-Blessing new generations!

Embracing wellness, kindness, and self-care, Seven Seed Soap Company takes its new name from their best-selling Seven Seed Facial Serum. While the name did change (due to circumstances beyond their control), this popular brand is anything but new! Now celebrating 21 years in business, the Samson family has always made hospitality a high priority, and with daughter Jennifer now at the helm, the family’s dedication to that sense of community and wellness will be growing for many years to come.

In case you’re intrigued by the name, its meaning is bountiful! Seven is the biblical number of completion (fitting as they reach the 21-year milestone) and, of course, seeds symbolize growth, life, and fruit – making even more seeds and continuing the beautiful cycle!

The family connection is strong here at Seven Seed Soap, and Jennifer, shares the importance of carrying on the blessings.

“Knowing how much time, effort, and so much of my mom’s heart has gone into the business, it means so much,” Jennifer explains. “To be entrusted to take it over has been an honor. Everything we do now had its start and inspiration from my mother, and she put in many hours of commitment to our customers.”

Jennifer says the biggest challenge has been the rapid expansion brought on by Covid. She officially took over the business in 2019, and things changed quickly.

“Our retail space was so small (only 400-square feet) that we knew our customers would need more space to shop during the holidays. Once we moved to our downtown location, we quickly realized it was time to expand,” says Jennifer, who felt God was aligning everything to move forward, even though the path wasn’t always crystal clear!

Working with her parents and family at the company has also been one of Jennifer’s biggest personal blessings.

“I always love to hear people’s stories about how my mom and dad have taken care of their family’s needs over the years, and recollections of where they first discovered our soap business,” says Jennifer. “We have a wall of customer photos that keeps growing, and so many of the faces are loyal, long-standing customers from when we attended the Charlotte and Hickory Farmers Markets.”

Jennifer shares stories of generations of families who were brought up using the company’s soap and loves when new generations come in and embrace the current store.

“I feel like Seven Seed Soap Company is a place where you can become part of our family.,” she says. “Since starting the company, my mom and dad have made a habit of giving back to our community, and always being generous with their attention and time spent with customers.”

That familiar atmosphere is what makes the shop so special. Customers comment on the calming ambiance, and how they leave with such a sense of peace – every single visit!

“This place is an extension of a home for me,” explains Jennifer, who wants the very same for her customers. “We want them to feel they belong, and this is a place for them to feel cared for and safe.”

With a background in graphic design, Jennifer loves her chance to be creative with both the shop space and the inventory, sharing new designs with customers that she hopes will lift them up and strike the perfect balance they are trying to achieve with a product – whether it’s a personal choice or a gift for someone they love. She feels it’s an honor to offer something both useful and beautiful, to enrich her customers’ lives.

Visit the store – or shop their website – to find wonderful options for face care, including the Seven Seed Facial Serum, a variety of soaps, lip balms, and facial scrubs; body products including herbal deodorant, lotions, and the popular brown sugar butter scrub; a wellness category filled with essential oils, natural hand sanitizers and bug sprays; plus, a men’s category that features beard butter, oil, and soaps!
Seven Seed Soap Co. is located at 111 N. College Avenue in Newton, NC, 828-466-2271. Hours are Monday through Friday 10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. and Saturday 10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. or shop online at sevenseedsoap.com.


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