My Top 20 at Trader Joe’s


Listen up Lake Norman, WE NEED A TRADER JOE’S!
TJ’s is doing it right and we need to bring that happy shopping experience closer to our community. 

Trader Joe’s is an “icing on the cake” grocery store. You cannot necessarily purchase all of your items there, but it certainly takes food up a notch! From the variety of foods to the people who work there….TJ’s provides a shopping experience! It is not just your mundane, obligatory trip to the grocery store.

Charlotte currently has 2 locations – University and Uptown. A 30+ minute drive and parking can be a nightmare. If we had a location in Denver (ideal since I live here), Cornelius, Huntersville or even Mooresville, I would go weekly. 

So, if you have been and love it, CLICK HERE now. Just do it 🙂 

If you have not been, do yourself a favor and go! It may be overwhelming at first, but once you figure out what you love to buy there, it’s like riding a bike – you know what to do, but it brings a new adventure every time. 

Tips for your TJ’s journey:

  • Take your time. Especially if you are a first-timer. Browse. Ask questions – the employees love to chat about new items and their favorites. 
  • Contrary to popular belief, just because it comes from Trader Joe’s does not mean it is healthy! (Note: this same rule applies for Earth Fare and Whole Foods too)
  • Like everything else, Trader Joe’s prices have increased, but are still quite reasonable.
  • Realize that they do have seasonal items. Items that you love and then are discontinued, only to find that occasionally they come back months later. I am not sure why, but just roll with it. 
  • I typically do not buy produce at Trader Joe’s. Prices are not fantastic on produce and you need to keep an eye on expiration dates.

Some top picks at Trader Joe’s:

  • CARDS. For all occasions, and they are only $.99 – compared to $5.99 at other stores… for a card?!?
  • DIPS. Specifically hummus, the vegan cashew pesto, and avocado tzatziki dip. Technically that is 3 items, but we will call it one.
  • RIDGE CUT POTATO CHIPS. 3 ingredients. Potatoes, sunflower oil, sea salt. Sunflower oil is not ideal, but compared to other chips, these are a win!
  • SUN-DRIED TOMATOES. In a bag, not in oil. Absolutely delicious and full of flavor. Add to salads, side dishes, on top of eggs, etc. This is also what I use in my sweet potato salad.
  • DILL PICKLES. My daughter LOVES pickles. Most pickles in the stores have added food dyes and preservatives. You can find some good ones at local farmers markets or TJs pickles, which use turmeric for coloring.
  • CONDIMENTS. Again, technically 3 items but organic ketchup, whole grain and dijon mustards, and organic mayo. Minimal ingredients and all ones you can pronounce.
  • GOLDEN ROUNDS CRACKERS. My people love the cousin of this cracker that you buy at your local store, but those are full of controversial ingredients  These crackers taste the same and are a much better choice if you are going to eat crackers.
  • COCONUT SUGAR. Good price. While all sugar is metabolized the same in the body, coconut sugar brings a rich panel of nutrients to the table.
  • TACO SHELLS. You would be surprised at the laundry list of preservatives and ingredients in a taco shell. With taco night being a staple in our house, quality shells are necessary. 3 ingredients: organic corn flour, sunflower oil, and lime.
  • CRYSTALIZED GINGER. Again, ginger is great for digestion. This comes in a bag full of sweet chunks of ginger root. A much better choice than Tums.
  • SARDINES. Little fish. Nutritional powerhouses, loaded with protein and an excellent source of omega 3s.  Perfect to throw on top of a salad with some lemon juice and fresh cracked pepper.
  • FROZEN CAULIFLOWER GNOCCHI. When I just feel like that pasta fix. Delicious sautéed in coconut oil,  topped with Rao’s sauce or the vegan cashew pesto.
  • TJ’s COCONUT AMINOS. 99% of soybeans in the US are GMO and recognized hormone disruptors in the body. This is the perfect, healthy substitution to soy sauce.
  • FLOWERS AND PLANTS. Their selection is gorgeous and they tend to last a while. Studies have proven that having fresh flowers and plants in the house improves air quality and mood.

Let’s bring Trader Joe’s to Lake Norman!!

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