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The talented team behind Next Wave Services in Charlotte starts each day with a single mission: Change lives through their creative services.

A diverse group of nine professionals makes the magic at Next Wave, and every experience is guided by their core values – being friendly, working smart, and providing truth in customer service. With a purpose that moves far beyond merely amazing website designs, these are the experts you want on your side for world-class creative services, and quality content that inspires, entertains,  educates, and informs. 

Next Wave does offer the finest in website design and maintenance, and has been creating websites since 1998. Now focused on clients in and around the Charlotte area, Next Wave works with a wide array of businesses, from CPAs and lawyers to home inspectors and lawn care specialists. Their Five-Star Google reviews tell a story of top quality customer service and innovative, cost-effective methods, making them the pro-active leader in website design in our area.


But the proof is in client relationships! The team will tell you the website is almost secondary, and they strive to build a long-term relationship with clients that lasts for years. That happens by providing value and understanding what they hope to accomplish with their website, and how to fully promote their brand. When first meeting with a potential new client, the Next Wave team reviews the company’s current website, and explores in detail with them what they are looking for in an updated site. Understanding their business model is important, and formulating various marketing avenues they can use to determine their goals, including challenges they may currently face with social media, search engine optimization, and advertising channels.

A huge client benefit: The Next Wave team has worked together so long, they know each other’s styles well, and hold each other accountable on a daily basis. The team is most inspired when they can be a big part of the growth of a small business, and that includes teaching business owners how the online world works, and the best ways to be effective – especially through social media. Next Wave can assist businesses with social media posting (striking a balance with engagement and follower count), logo design, and Google listings. The company is a Level 5 Wix Partner, the highest partnership level Wix offers to website design partners.



* Does your website look equally good on a smartphone, tablet, and desktop?

* Do your photographs authentically showcase your products and services?

* Are there contact forms and a clickable phone number so prospective clients can contact you easily? Is there an embedded map so people can find your business?

* Have you included an embedded link to your social media pages?

Unforgettable advice from Next Wave: Update your website regularly! Websites that blog and publish content get 50-80% more visitors than those that do not. 75% of customers will halt their shopping experience if they find outdated content or images on a website. Boost your company’s success now with a free website consultation with Next Wave Services, located in Charlotte at 227 West 4th Street, 1st floor, 888-827-9638. Follow them on Instagram @nextwaveassistant and learn more about their offerings at


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