PersonalizeDesign Interiors – Creating the Home That Tells Your Story

As the CEO of PersonalizeDesign Interiors, Stephanie Dobson has curated a boutique design business with a strong trio of values – family, craftsmanship and integrity. 

Stephanie brings a wealth of business experience to her creative designs that include streamlined communication and her personal touch of flawless attention to every beautiful detail.

“I live by the conviction that design is incredibly important work,” she shares. “It plays a vital role in enhancing daily living.”

Stephanie shares exciting details of her new office space in Cornelius – and a bit more about her passion for the design process.

How long have you been in your new office space (now conveniently located in Cornelius)? 

Our business office relocated to The Blake House in Cornelius at the end of 2023 which has allowed me to be much closer to clients and to host project meetings in the new space. The Charlotte area has been home to me since I was a kid, so being closer to the places and local businesses I love in the Lake Norman area is really special. The Blake House is a lovely property – close to the interstate, tons of great restaurants, plus plenty of onsite parking makes it super easy for our clients to visit. I couldn’t be happier with the decision to move!

A great believer in heart and home, we know you’re a fan of the phrase “a rising tide lifts all boats.” How does that mirror your philosophy?

I think it’s important when collaborating with clients to bring my ideas and opinions to the conversation, but to be their advocate throughout the project. Our clients are busy professionals with families and full lives – entertaining, traveling, attending board meetings – and they need someone who understands their needs. The collaboration and partnership with our trusted trade teams ensures their designs come to life with minimal disruption to their lives. Creating beautiful homes with heart and hospitality at the center is truly a group effort.

What’s involved in your initial first chat with a prospective client?

The first step in our process is a phone conversation, known as a Discovery Call, that typically lasts 30 to 45 minutes. I ask questions about the project, share some ideas and learn the client’s goals. It’s an educational conversation for both of us! We discuss budget ranges, and I share information to help them understand how best to plan. Design and construction of a home is very personal and, depending on the scope of the project, can be a relationship that lasts for a long time. It’s important to establish a connection and determine if we’re a good fit to work together. If it’s decided during the Discovery Call that we’re destined to work together, we schedule an in-home consultation to begin building the project scope. 

Since your home designs ultimately enhance every single day of a family’s life together – what do you feel are most important in terms of creating a setting that not only comforts and soothes at the end of a long day, but also inspires clients to tap into their own creativity?

It’s so important to feel at home in your home! My goal is to create elevated interiors that function for our client’s lifestyle. Plus, I want them to feel luxurious and approachable. Our clients love to entertain, so they need beautiful homes where they are proud to host – and everyone who comes in feels immediately welcomed. Often, clients are beginning a new phase of life that has them rethinking how they spend time at home. Whether it’s putting down roots in the area or transitioning to the empty nest phase, I’m here to open their eyes to the possibilities for the next chapter.

Why do you feel color is such a powerful force in our daily living spaces?

Color is definitely something you’re going to see more of from PersonalizeDesign Interiors. I love patterns and colors, and I’m passionate about introducing them to clients. Most of us want our homes to be unique and not like every other house on the block. Color and pattern play bring in a personal style that makes your home one-of-a-kind – while still being timeless. Thoughtfully curated homes layered in personality truly tell a client’s story – and that’s the goal. I feel it’s my responsibility to show clients options they haven’t thought of or didn’t know were available. To ensure they love our ideas and feel comfortable with them (it is their home, after all), we have “touch points” throughout the process where we’re reviewing the concept and tweaking as needed, until everyone feels ready to move forward. The samples and 3D realistic renderings we offer are very helpful in allowing clients to envision the future space.

Design can sometimes feel overwhelming. That’s where Stephanie’s stellar communication skills take over.

“When clients know where their project currently is in the process, they can relax. Those who work with me always know what’s coming next! I’m here to make their lives as enjoyable (and beautiful) as possible.”

PersonalizeDesign Interiors serves Concord, Lake Norman, Charlotte and beyond. Visit their new office at 21000 Torrence Chapel Road, Suite 211 in Cornelius, NC, online at and on Instagram @personalizedesigninteriors. Reach Stephanie at 704.781.8377, or email


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