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Follow Rooted Social Media on Instagram – meeting Owner Emily Cowan, of course – and you might discover she loves memes and emojis, plus she can put together an amazing Instagram reel! Most of all, her goal is to see your stress over social media for your small business simply vanish!

Emily’s clever name choice is a nod to her love of flowers and gardening. Her earliest jobs were in mom-and-pop garden centers – the quintessential small business – which also inspired her to become a florist. (She still dabbles in flower arranging but only as a hobby.) Then, she was inspired to create Rooted Social Media to take the challenge of navigating social media off business owner’s plates, so they can focus on other parts of their endeavors – and get back to family life.

Why choose Rooted Social Media? “I have worked for both large corporations and also many small businesses over the years, so I understand how overwhelming it can be to run your own company,” she shares. “You can’t handle everything – and social media is one of the first things to fall by the wayside.”

As a social media manager, Emily knows her efforts can have a direct impact on the overall reach of a small business and, as a result, help them grow!

“I want to help small businesses succeed, and a relevant piece of that success in today’s world is social media! Whenever I see new followers or new messages coming in wanting to purchase a good or a service, I do a little happy dance!” she adds. 

For hesitant small business owners, Emily gently points out that younger generations value what’s posted on social media even more than previous generations. 

“These younger consumers are going to be your top customers one day, so it’s imperative to share what’s important to them! I learned recently that most of Gen Z (born from 1997 to 2012) will perform a search on a product or company on social media before they search on Google,” Emily says. “If you want to capture that audience, you need to go where they are! The oldest segment of that generation is entering their late 20s, and they have money to spend. Make sure they’re spending it with you!”

Consumers also want to purchase items from companies with values similar to their own. They want to know WHO they are purchasing from, and social media helps give them that glimpse into exactly who the owner of the company is, and why they should purchase from them versus another company. 

“People love to support local, but if they don’t immediately know they can purchase an item at a small business, as opposed to a big box store, they will take the easy way out and go the big box store route. Having a strong social media presence will help customers choose your store over another!”

Rooted Social Media offers three different packages of posts per week and hours of content creation, which might include carousels and reels from the client’s photos and videos. If a potential client asks for content creation, it’s helpful to be local. Emily also provides services to photographers, realtors and similar industries who don’t need her to create content – but utilize their own galleries in handling their social media needs. She offers overall social media management – including developing strategies – and networking within social media apps.

“I’m also working on creating workshops for people who may want to learn more about different platforms if they’re not quite ready to hire a social media manager.”

As a bonus to her obvious creative side, Emily is also detail-oriented, providing meticulous content, word-wise and photo-wise. Always thinking and creating to grow a client’s presence in the marketplace, Emily is grateful for the experience she garnered with her degree in business administration from Elmhurst College (now Elmhurst University) in Elmhurst, Illinois. She now calls Mooresville home, with her husband, Chris, and their dog and two cats, where they love to kayak, play games, explore new restaurants and spend time with family on the lake.

Hand over your social media stress to Rooted Social Media, and prepare to see your business flourish! Visit for more information and to request a consultation, and follow @rooted.socialmedia on Instagram.


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