Simple Schooling at Home – Wins All Around! 

by Laura Czerwinski

Often, I read articles and Facebook posts asking families to “share their wins” for the week or what’s going well for them as they school at home. Many of these replies end up being game changers for others who read them. This month, I’ve compiled some of those general sentiments in a variety of subjects to share with you!

  1. Having a hard day/session? Take a break! Go for a walk, have a snack and just talk or play a board game! You might even consider taking a look at your overall schedule. Make sure you plan breaks/time off every few weeks or at least have some fun field trips planned. 
  2. Is your child unmotivated to get their schoolwork done? Create a list of things to do for the day. (You can include “non school” items here, too.) Encourage them to get all the things on the list done in whatever order they choose. You can also try having your student do their assignments in small bite-sized sections. Another idea to try is to encourage some creativity. Have them make a mini movie, an idea board or invent a new comic character. Ask them what might get their creative juices flowing! 
  3. Squash morning sluggishness by keeping to a routine. Play a podcast or specific music during breakfast. Something to look forward to first thing in the morning can spark a little needed energy. Give them 15 minutes of time to do whatever they want after breakfast. It might be playing their favorite video game, building with Legos or catching up on a book they are reading. 
  4. Take some pressure off! Start dinner early in the day, so it is ready later on instead of stressing about having to take care of it when it is already late. Have ready-to-go plans ready like videos to watch, books to read or educational coloring pages for days when you or your child isn’t feeling well. Revisit your schedule to see if making small changes can make a huge difference! 
  5. Take a more immersive approach when learning about history. If you can, visit some historical sites in our area or plan to stop at one on your next family road trip. Try eating foods or wearing clothes from the time period you are learning about. Ask your kids questions about what they think people wondered about “back then” (whatever time period you are studying).
  6. Help your kids learn how to do tasks that contribute to the overall upkeep of the family home. These life lessons can definitely be a win! Tasks like emptying the dishwasher, folding laundry, making the bed, helping with meal prep or feeding the dog are all ways kids can contribute. Older kids can even be assigned areas of responsibility like collecting and disposing of all the recycling for the household. Taking ownership of  tasks builds confidence as kids prepare for their futures! (And, having your kids help with these chores can ease the pressure on the parents of the house!) 

Overall, it’s important to realize that any win, large or small, can lead to meaningful change. Sometimes it’s change you didn’t even know you needed!

Well friends, this was my last entry in the Simple Schooling at Home series. It is my sincere hope that even if you don’t school your kids at home, you found some tips here that were helpful and impactful. Just remember, no matter where your kiddos are schooled, always make the best of the time you have together. 

Want to keep the inspiration going? Learn by keeping in touch with other families that teach at home. Remember, if you don’t have a network to connect with, one of the easiest ways to get started is to join some local Facebook groups. Not only do many group members share their stories that can help ignite more ideas for your family, but these groups can also serve great resources for other topics you have questions about! 


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