The Authentic Melodies of Songwriter Sarah Lake 


“I find inspiration in moments of stillness and quiet from the lake,” shares the lovely singer/songwriter Sarah Lake, who spent her middle and high school years around Lake Norman and now calls Nashville home.

“There’s nothing like sitting outside, playing guitar and singing around the fire, or out on the dock,” shares Sarah. “It’s just good for the soul!”

Although she was born in Canada, Sarah’s family moved to Charlotte when she was 10 years old, and she feels fortunate to still have several close family friends in the area to visit.


“I’ve spent lots of time boating, swimming, and spending quality time with friends and family at Lake Norman,” she says. “There is something about the water that’s so calming and connecting to me.”

You may have spotted Sarah (as Sarah Mather, her maiden name) during Season 4 of American Idol, where she made it to the Top 24 in competition. She then moved to New York City, where she met her husband, Grammy-nominated producer, Ernie Lake. At home now in Nashville, raising their two children, Sarah says becoming a mother has given her so much more depth, and a deeper understanding of love and life. 

“As a songwriter, it’s allowed me to explore and express so many different ideas and emotions,” she adds. “And after my father passed away, songwriting was my therapy. It has always served as a way of expressing myself, but in grief it became vital to me. I could only write what was on my heart and mind, and it shaped a different sound for me as an artist.


During that time, Sarah began exploring the Indie country/Americana landscape, and found herself tapping back into that natural source of healing when she also lost her brother in September.

“For me, as a songwriter and artist, being vulnerable and authentic is the best way to approach making music,” she says. “I also have to allow myself to evolve and am constantly growing and learning.”

Sarah is extremely active in the Nashville songwriting community,  and her song “The Ride” went to number one on CMT for five weeks, while her videos have been streamed over a million times on YouTube.  Her song “Soldier On” gained over one million views on YouTube – and she has also performed at some of Nashville’s most popular music venues.

As a songwriter Sarah has also had cuts with a number of artists including The Voice 13 finalist Moriah Formica, Ms. America Betty Cantrell, and Reba McEntire took Sarah’s song “Amen” into the studio in 2018. Country supergroup Runaway June just released “Broken Hearts (do broken things)” which she’s a songwriter on, and it was added into rotation on iHeart radio and SiriusXM The Highway. She’s also been “local artist of the week” on Lightning 100, the number one performing Indie/Alternative station in the country!


“I will continue writing for other artists, and will be releasing my first single of 2023 in January,” shares Sarah. “I have lots of songs and fun features lined up for the new year and will be performing around the southeast.”

Read more about Sarah’s music and career at, and follow her social media on Instagram and Facebook @singsarahlake for news on upcoming venues, dates, and new music releases. You can hear Sarah Lake’s music on Spotify, Apple, and Amazon Music. 


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