TLU Athletic Recovery & Wellness: Healing with Cryotherapy


With a big leap from operating out of his garage for several months, Zach Vries is excited to offer clients the benefits of his passion for cryotherapy, now located at TLU Athletic Recovery & Wellness in Mooresville.

“We are the only business doing localized cryotherapy in the area, and we focus specifically on athletic recovery,” explains Zach. That’s great news for local athletes, and all you weekend warriors who often need a little help come Monday!


“I wanted to get into the athletic recovery and wellness field because I wanted a job where I could help people,” he adds. “Eventually, I met someone who was able to show me how to get a cryotherapy machine, and I jumped on the opportunity.”

Even though his treatments are non-surgical and non-invasive, Zach meets many people who are really skeptical if cryotherapy actually works. He encourages doubters to give it a try, and he offers discounted trial sessions for a potential client’s first visit. Clients find it amazing what wonders a four or five minute treatment can accomplish. Zach also shares firsthand experience that cryotherapy can heal burns that occur in the kitchen – just ask him!

“For cryotherapy we can do pain management, cryo-facials, aesthetics, and mood or energy boosts,” he explains. “If there is time, all clients also receive a free 10-minute session on our air compression suit.”


TLU Recovery & Wellness provides advanced services in the following:


Cryo-Slimming & Cryotoning

Up to two inches off waist or thighs

Frotox for fine wrinkles

Reduce freckles & eye bags

Increases collagen production

Reduce scarring & stretch marks


Treat skin disorders, reduce scars & stretch marks


Assist with post-op, bruising, & accident trauma

Sports recovery


Only 90 seconds to six minutes!


Other valuable benefits of cryotherapy treatment include the reduction of pain and soreness (treatment can be done anywhere on the body), faster recovery time from an injury, a stronger immune system, increased energy and endorphins, smoother and more radiant skin with a cryo-facial, hair rejuvenation, and yes, it has been known to slow the aging process.

Sometimes happy clients say it best!

“I’ve been having issues with knee pain for over a year. I received three localized cryotherapy treatments at TLU and am now pain free. I ran two miles yesterday with zero pain!”

–Teri O.

“This was my first time using the normatec boots, and now I will be a repeat customer! I have had swelling and pain in my legs for a few years, but now I am finally feeling relief.”

–Jennifer I.

When you schedule a time at TLU Recovery, you have the entire 10 minutes for treatment, and typically the longest treatment time for the actual cold spray is about six minutes. For more information or to book an appointment online, visit Follow @TLUrecovery on Facebook and Instagram for updates, or give Zach a call at 704-315-5397. The studio is located in Phenix Salon Suites in Mooresville at 591 River Highway.


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