View from the Lake: Bill Norberg: True Life Inspiration!

There’s no denying that a life spent around water is a good one, and for long-time Lake Norman resident, Bill Norberg, the proof is on the calendar!

In November, Bill celebrated his 100th birthday, with a festive gathering of friends and family at Bethel Presbyterian Church in Cornelius, where he has been a member for many years. Bill is quick to add he’s always been active in his church, doing a bit of everything except preaching!

Arriving at this 100th milestone has been humbling for Bill, and maybe a bit of a surprise.

“I cannot visualize myself being 100 years old,” he laughs. “I don’t feel it, and don’t intend to act it!”

Having lived at the lake for 42 years, there’s certainly evidence of what we all know about lake life. The natural flow of the water is the key to relaxation! Bill officially retired in 1984, and says he has taken things very easy, only doing what he really wants to do. During those early retirement years he wasn’t hard to find!

“My biggest joy was going out on the lake during the week when no one else was there,” says Bill. “I’d take my sailboat or my homemade canoe, a portable radio, and a magazine, and I was in heaven!”

Through the years, Bill has also stayed active doing interviews with schools and civic organizations regarding service in World War II, as well as attending veterans’ and Navy functions.

“I served in the U.S. Navy during WWII, from start to finish, aboard the aircraft carrier the USS ENTERPRISE,” says Bill. “I saw much action.”

Of course, he does credit good genes as well for his 100 years and the wonderful, lifelong friends he’s made at church and through the American Legion and the Lion’s Club.

“Life is really worth living when you have good friends!” says Bill, lending sage advice.

Bill also proudly talks about his two sons, one daughter, 11 grandchildren, and 28 great- grandchildren, some of whom live nearby and are always there when he needs a hand.

Cherishing so many memories through the years, Bill does enjoy telling a story or two.

“In the 1930s I lived in Massachusetts, near a Finnish community, where a dance band named The Blue Jackets often played. I created my own dance to The Blue Jackets theme song, and have still been known to show that off occasionally!”

Now a resident of The Dorchester & Manor retirement community in Pineville, he’s enjoyed getting back into a favorite hobby: creative writing! Bill says the weekly Friday classes at the community center are great for keeping inspired, and he is frequently found at his computer – creating and telling stories, as he has since first starting writing in the seventh grade!

Keeping yourself surrounded by best friends and creative interests seems like excellent life advice. And, of course, always with a view of the lake!


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