The Publisher’s Perspective

KEELA AND HER DAD, KELLY Welcome to the June issue of LKN Magazine! We’re thrilled to bring you our 10th issue, and we hope you find it both informative and […]

Marzano Capital Group: Why Us? Why Now?

With a multitude of choices available to investors in this modern day, why would someone hire Marzano Capital Group as their Registered Investment Advisor or their financial professional? I have […]

The Beauty Shop: A Brief History of Hair

Maybe our mothers and grandmothers had the right idea. Going to the beauty shop once a week to get their hair done and then wrapping a scarf around their head […]

Joyful Journey: Gorges State Park

The state parks are back LKN readers!  Gorges State Park is a stunning natural oasis located in the western part of North Carolina. With over 7,500 acres of beautiful wilderness, […]

Juelerye Artisan Gallery & Gifts

photos by CARRIE ALLEN “Inspiration is deeply personal and comes from what drives you” Everything about Juelerye Artisan Gallery & Gifts delivers happiness and joy — in a variety of […]

Walking Towards Better Fitness

Everybody knows that exercise improves our overall health, but that doesn’t necessarily mean we all need to become gym bros. There’s nothing wrong with focusing that hard on your physical […]

A Bow of Gallantry: Volume VI

by TYLER HAMPTON When it comes to the South, summertime heat can seem nearly unbearable, but that doesn’t mean your style has to suffer. The world’s best fabric mills work […]

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