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photos by CARRIE ALLEN
Inspiration is deeply personal and comes from what drives you”

Everything about Juelerye Artisan Gallery & Gifts delivers happiness and joy — in a variety of mediums — but always with the same spark of passion. 

“We are driven by meaningful relationships — with both our artists and clients,” says gallery owner Jacqueline Bassett. “We’re inspired when customers tell us they are so delighted we’re here, or that we’re a great addition to the downtown Mooresville community. We are inspired by meeting new people, learning new things, and helping others.”

What started in 2016 within a multi-merchant store in Cornelius, expanded to online sales in 2020, and soon after, Jacqueline and Nelson realized foot traffic was essential to growth. Another important piece was having their own storefront, and this happened in June of 2022. A perfect location presented itself, and the gallery is now right next door to Epic Chop House, and across the street from John Franklin Moore Park. Jacqueline especially loves seeing the American Flag right outside their door. Jacqueline and Nelson have now also established friendships from all over the country, and many of their online customers have made it part of their vacation plans to visit downtown Mooresville, and shop Juelerye in person!

Being very relatable may be what sets Juelerye apart, while intentionally finding ways to impact and inspire their clientele.

“Many years ago, I had the opportunity to experience an exercise of developing my guiding philosophy,” explains Jacqueline. “Ultimately, mine was to live a life of gratitude, and inspire those I met along the way. We are simply in the business of connecting people and sharing stories!”

Jacqueline reminds us of the success of any business is leaving your own personal mark on every customer interaction.  

“The only competitive edge you have is how you treat your customers!” she says. “When you lead with your heart, your customers will tell family and friends, and they will do everything to help you grow.”

Step into the gallery, and you’ll feel that inspiration immediately. The majority of what they offer is artist made.

“Artists remind us of our own potential,” says Jacqueline. “They encourage us, and build community right here. We have core artists who we represent, while continually adding new ones — both local, regional, national, and international artists.”

Jacqueline and Nelson also love showcasing emerging local artists such as Elijah Kell, an amazing young man who creates exquisite glass works, and who recently helped raise $20,000 for Dove House, a local non-profit. Artists and business partners become fast friends here.

“Its pretty special to be part of Elijah’s life and career path,” shares Jacqueline. “We discovered him at the age of 15, and I knew I had found a remarkable person!”

Another aspect of that relatability quotient is impeccable customer service, and actually exceeding a customer’s expectations.

“We want to delight them by doing the little things — they matter!” says Jacqueline.

One of her favorite lines in the store has always been Houston Llew Spiritiles — beautiful glass and copper art pieces, each with its own quote. Quite a few customers have become avid collectors, with many emotions attached.

“A few years ago, we received an order for one particular Spiritile — one featuring a cupcake. I called the customer to thank her and discovered she was gifting it to a friend who had recently lost her three-year-old grandson to cancer,” shares Jacqueline. “The last thing he had asked for was a cupcake. My husband always tears up when he tells the story! We have so many stories of how these art pieces have resonated with people, and Houston is a big supporter of small business. He doesn’t sell directly, but instead wants small businesses to not only survive, but thrive!”

Other favorite artists include Scott Slagerman, known for blown-glass and wood vases, while many customers have also commissioned Savannah-based Fine Jewelry Artist Kristen Baird to create special pieces for them (for Jacqueline, it’s all about the rings Kristen creates!) Hendersonville, NC-based artist Melinda Lawton is another shop favorite, for her one-of-a-kind earrings, as is artist Michael Hayes, from Spruce Pine, NC, where Jacqueline’s parents are from, who makes beautiful wall vases in stunning colors.  Juelerye also added fine art when they opened the storefront, and will continue to bring in new artists. Many of these pieces are already delighting homes in the area, as well as out of state!

“We also recently added Hot Glass Alley, and I’m so inspired by the story of Jacob Pfeifer,” says Jacqueline. “He was diagnosed with a rare cancer at the age of five, and given a five percent chance to live. Now, he has his own glass blowing studio in Charlotte, and he says its important to spend your days doing what you love. We couldnt agree more!”

Fun fact: Inside Juelerye you’ll find a comfortable space in the middle of the gallery — think seating area for the men while their wives are shopping! Or vice versa — but you can read or relax in this incredibly soothing space.

Personal gifts or corporate gifts — there’s something special about giving and receiving a treasure made by individuals who have put their time and creativity into each piece. 

“Ive had the opportunity to sit with many of them and watch as they create the pieces that allow me to bring their happiness to you,” says Jacqueline, proudly!

Experience Juelerye for yourself, at 112 S. Main Street in Mooresville, 704-728-9880 or 704-728-0460, Tuesday through Saturday 10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m., but check their website often for extended summer hours! Visit them online at juelerye.com and on Instagram @Juelerye. 


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