Charlie Schuler

Charlie is an Air Force Veteran who joined the Bell System telecommunications company after his honorable discharge. He was an installer/repairman, engineer, technical writer, and a  manager. He had 33 years’ service with New York Telephone, Western Electric,  AT&T General Departments and Lucent Technologies. He and his wife, Marianne, retired before they were 55 so that they could pursue their dream of sailing. They have sailed over 20,000  miles and at one time lived on a 42’ sailboat for four years. Some of Charlie’s other  accomplishments include, being a leader and teacher in the United States Power  Squadron, aka, America’s Boating Club for over 30 years; Started a new squadron  in 2000, which is still in full operation; Was a leader and teacher in the church for  30 plus years; a leader and teacher in the “Walk to Emmaus” for over twenty five  years; And they moved to the Lake Norman area from Little River, SC after living there for 30 years. They are  adventurers and love sharing their stories. You can find his articles in LKN Magazine under ‘One Man’s Perspective’.

One Man’s Perspective: Maine

Where are you heading when you travel “Down East?” To Maine, of course. “Down East” refers to the state of Maine being more east than north and south. It could be

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One Man’s Perspective: MASADA

by CHARLIE SCHULER  In my previous article about Israel, I mentioned Masada. I would like to continue and give you more insight into the amazing story behind the name.  Masada

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