One Man’s Perspective: Bible in Six Words

A while back I was asked to lead a group through the Bible in one year. I thought about this, and I know there are sixty-six books.  I didn’t realize that there are 1,189 chapters. This equates to 18 chapters per book. If we worked on this for 35 weeks at 6 days per week, we would have to cover 6 chapters per day. That was our goal, 6 chapters per day for 36 per week, and 35 weeks with discussion on Sunday. This is flying through the scripture but exposing them to the Bible.  We could and would do it.  But there was one more thing I wanted to do and that was write a six-word summary for each book.  The following is just that.

Old Testament:

Genesis: Gods beginning, humans fail, start over. 

Exodus: Slave without God, rescued by God. 

Leviticus: How to live with God spiritually. 

Numbers: God’s law strict, God’s character gracious. 

Deuteronomy: God uses Moses, liberate, guide, lawgiver. 

Joshua: Joshua conquers, divides land, renews covenant. 

Judges: Judges lead without God, anything goes. 

Ruth:  Matriarch of the King, Jesus Christ.

1 Samuel: Samuel anoints, King Saul, King David. 

2 Samuel: King David, a tool of God. 

1 Kings: Story of Kings by the prophets.

2 Kings: We all sin, God forgives us. 

1 Chronicles: 1 Chronicles, who’s who in Israel.

2 Chronicles: People sin, God punishes, remnant remains. 

Ezra: Ezra teaches Gods law in Jerusalem. 

Nehemiah: Send me, Wall built, God wins. 

Esther: For such a time as this. 

Job: Keep the faith, God is steadfast. 

Psalm: Praise God in song or poetry.  

Proverbs:  Wise sayings to assist our living.

Ecclesiastes: There is a time for everything. 

Song of Songs: Sweetest love between man and women.

Isaiah: Isaiah could see Jesus in future.

Jeremiah: God says you will be punished. 

Lamentations: Jerusalem is gone, pray to God.

Ezekiel: Show me Lord, I’ll show them.

Daniel: I bow to no other God.

Hosea: People destroyed for lack of knowledge. 

Joel: All is lost, Locusts are coming.

Amos:  God will restore His people, Israel.

Obadiah:  Don’t gloat over misfortune of others.

Jonah:   God cares about us including Nineveh.

Micah:  Do justice, love kindness, walk humbly.

Nahum:  Even Nineveh had time to repent.

Habakkuk:  The righteous live by the faith. 

Zephaniah:  God says evil will be punished.

Haggai:  Build God’s temple, then build yours.

Zechariah:  Victory comes from Spirit, not power.

Malachi:  The best is yet to come.  


New Testament: 

Matthew:  Jesus used parables to teach us.

Mark:  Jesus’ life, from beginning to end.

Luke:  Parables and miracles of Jesus life.

John:  Jesus the Messiah, son of God

Acts:  Record of acts of the Apostles.

Romans:  Faith in Christ leads to righteousness.

1 Corinthians:   Equal in Christ, different in gifts.

2 Corinthians:  Paul justifies himself before the Corinthians.

Galatians:  Saved by faith, punished by law. 

Ephesians:  Put on the armor of God.

Philippians:  Rejoice in the Lord Jesus Christ.

Colossians:  Do not worship anything but Christ.

1 Thessalonians:  Keep the faith, Jesus is coming.

2 Thessalonians:  Avoid laziness, continue what is good.

1 Timothy:   Christ saved me, why not you?

2 Timothy:  Trust Holy Spirit to guide you.

Titus:  How to be a Christian leader.

Philemon:  Paul, in chains, pleads for love.

Hebrews:  Sacrifices unnecessary, Jesus paid the price.

James:  Christians should live like Christ lives.

1 Peter:  We die, God’s word is forever.

2 Peter:  Grow in knowledge, resist false teachers.

1 John:  Jesus is the son of God.

2 John:  Walk in love as Jesus said.

3 John: Imitate what is good, not evil.

Jude:  False teachers lead to sinful lives.

Revelations:  God wins, God is in control. 

The Bible is the word of God and I quote 2 Timothy 3:16, “All scripture is God breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting, and training in righteousness.”

May God Bless you.


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