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Originally hailing from Long Island, NY, Laura Czerwinski moved to the Lake Norman area in the summer of 2001. A graduate of Hofstra University, she has been writing for LKN Magazine since early 2023 and is extremely grateful for the opportunity! Laura enjoys writing, art and constantly evolving her home décor. More recently, she has found herself interested in reading biographies and learning about the mysteries behind famous jewels and gems.  In addition to writing for the magazine, Laura freelances as a Social Media Community Manager and Moderator.  She lives in Huntersville with her husband, son and mischievous golden retriever.

Art Speaks; Elizabeth Delatorre

ARTIST NAME | Elizabeth Delatorre  | Acrylic Media This month, we are treated to a style of art that one might consider a collision between paint and sculpture. By serving

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Art Speak; Artist Pam White

This month’s featured creator is Pam White. ARTIST NAME | Pam White Encaustic Wax Artist How would you describe your work?  In the most basic of terms, I paint water

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LKN Magazine: Art Speak

This month’s featured creator is Aimee Perry. ARTIST NAME | Aimee Perry – Acrylic How would you describe your work?  My work serves as my personal journal, allowing me to

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