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This month’s featured creator is Aimee Perry.

ARTIST NAME | Aimee Perry – Acrylic

How would you describe your work? 

My work serves as my personal journal, allowing me to break through my own barriers and distractions, ultimately gaining a deeper understanding of my own humanity, emotions, motivations and personal growth. I am captivated by the process of translating genuine emotions into tangible stories on canvas and embracing the challenge it brings. 

Which other artists most inspired you? 

As I began my journey in painting, I had the opportunity to learn from talented local artists at a nearby gallery. The experiences and teachings I received from them left a lasting impression on me. Not only were these artists immensely skilled, but they also exemplified admirable values. It is a rare find to come across artists who possess not only talent, but also integrity and a sense of security. Being their student opened my eyes to a whole new creative lens. While skill alone is impressive, it is truly awe-inspiring and uncommon to witness individuals who not only excel in their artistic abilities, but also demonstrate humility and unwavering principles. Whenever I encounter such extraordinary individuals, my admiration and inspiration reach new heights.

Where do you find your best sources for inspiration? 

I draw inspiration from many sources, particularly matters of the heart, my faith, the outdoors and creation itself. The stories of life unfold in every corner, and I am fascinated by them. I’m a storyteller. Collecting stories and strategizing on how to best illustrate or share them is what gives me inspiration. When they connect with another, that’s pretty cool, too. 

What is the greatest compliment you’ve received about your work?

There was a commission piece I did for a woman who found me online. She’d given me little direction outside of colors, and asked me to lean into my imagination completely with it. This was unnerving as we were practically strangers. Upon completion, I was nervous as I had taken her words to heart and gave myself complete liberty. I sent it to her, and hours and hours went by in silence. I bit my nails off, and a headache started coming on. I was starting to panic when finally, my phone rang. I wish I could have pressed record so as to keep her words and encouragement locked inside for whenever I would need them. Through tears, she told me of a personal childhood experience and how my painting brought her back to one of the purest moments of her life and will be the greatest healing work of art she has ever owned. 

What is one piece of creative advice you wish you had learned sooner than later?

The more I experience love for who I am, and have grace for where I am, the more secure I become. Here, is where authenticity lives, and that feels magical. Creating authentically is what allows me to flow in originality and find my voice. I’m allowed to enjoy all the mistakes and the victories of that creative journey instead of being tormented by my gift. It sure beats entering the rat race, living under my own critical eye, being competitive or feeling inadequate in any circles I find myself in.

You can experience Aimee’s pieces in person at Juelerye in Mooresville. Online, you can visit; @aimeeperry_art on Instagram or Aimee Perry Fine Art on Facebook.


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