Carrie Allen: Storyteller extraordinaire!


While you’re flipping through the pages of our very first issue, you’re also getting a glimpse of supremely talented, Charlotte-based photographer Carrie Allen, who shot many of the features in this issue.

Carrie was born in Charlotte and raised in different suburbs around Charlotte, and she’s been told that makes her a unicorn! She studied psychology (an early calling!) across the country at Colorado College, where she covered campus events for various organizations, photographed friends on a regular (read: daily) basis, and also fell in love with the beauty of Colorado Springs – quite a different local vibe from Charlotte!

Now, with over 10 years’ experience capturing life’s details – from headshots, product shots, and branding (what she calls her specialty), to lifestyle photography of couples, families, and unforgettable milestones – Carrie considers herself an authentic storyteller.

“The most rewarding aspect of photography as storytelling is the effect it has on the subject, which is typically the business owner,” says Carrie. “I let their brand’s personality lead the session, capturing movement and emotion behind the scenes, so when they see their gallery, they see their purpose, passion, and hard work amounts to something real. Then they feel recognized for the sense of community they’ve built from the ground up.”

Carrie believes being the photographer who shows her client’s business in the context of its story and recognizes the business’ efforts in a way they can easily share with their audience, is an honor! And much like the driving factor that moved her towards a study of psychology, she sees the force driving her towards photography as a desire to connect with people deeply, and help them in a lasting, meaningful way.

“I became a photographer organically,” says Carrie. “It was not the plan, but just something that happened when the stars aligned in 2016. As a 23-year-old mother at the time, I started my business and put grad school on hold. I never expected that my photography would take off the way it has, and I’m in awe to this day that I get to do what I love daily.”

As a small business owner, Carrie typically prefers working alone when it comes to actual photography, but does outsource accounting, bookkeeping, and loading images onto her website. That website features more of Carrie’s own story, pictures that reflect her range of artistic expertise, and details of how you’ll work together on a project. Visit the FAQ section for specifics, and yes, she can create a custom, archival quality album for you as well!

In 2017, Carrie also founded “Let’s Collab,” a worldwide community for photographers and small shop owners to collaborate – i.e., trade products for professional photos.

“So, you could say I’m pretty passionate about all things photography, and anything that’s small business related!” says Carrie. “My best advice for aspiring photographers is to seek out a community to help you grow, whether that’s a group of friends, or a group of 10,000 strangers on Facebook. You’ve got to have people in your corner, who are honestly critiquing your work. The more you engage with constructive criticism, the faster you’ll reach your goals.”

Wise words, and maybe a tad of psychology peeking through! Whatever her secret, Carrie is building brands, savoring moments, and growing her own successful business, while telling endless amounts of amazing stories!

Visit for online scheduling or reach Carrie by email at


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