The Wines of Dynamis Estate, Unique & Unrivaled


The bounty of North Carolina, from the beaches to the mountains to the “inland sea” of Lake Norman, are all well known. Perhaps yet to be discovered, but just as much a treasure of the state, is a small powerhouse vineyard less than an hour north of Lake Norman.

Where the road begins to climb into the Brushy Mountains, you’ll find something akin to one of the remote valleys of California or a seaside chateau in France. It is a high elevation vineyard laden with a vibrant crop of grapes, tended by passionate experts who are producing premium wines with few peers.

Dynamis Estate Wines is set amid a scenic spur of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Divided by the Yadkin and Catawba Rivers, driven up by tectonic movement, the Brushy Mountains are about 45 miles long but only eight miles wide. This range is a little bit of wine paradise and an ideal site for vintners – where the unique soil and elevation have been millions of years in the making.

Situated 1,640 feet above sea level, the wind, sun and temperature affect the vines and their fruit in powerful ways. The climate ripens the grapes at an ideal, even rate. Partnering with the other half of the vineyard equation, the soil! Which encases the vine roots and delivers a complex minerality that lends the grapes a unique expression of their mountain terroir.

“Grapevines like a site with a view, and our vineyard at 1,640 feet of elevation with rocky soil and constant air flow helps to develop high-quality fruit,” said Vineyard Manager Joseph Geller.

The Bordeaux-inspired wines produced by Dynamis are grown, aged and bottled at the estate. Most winemakers, even well-known ones in North Carolina, will grow some of their own grapes onsite while importing more grapes from places like California, which allows those wineries to produce and sell more wine than their vineyard can yield. Dynamis is a true estate winery, making all of their wines, from vine to bottle, onsite. Owning the entire process not only makes this winery unique, it allows them to control every aspect of the wine and ensure it is crafted to perfection and purely of the land, as well.

In their winemaking process, Dynamis winemaking duo, Katy Kidd and Matheson Worrell blend the time-honored traditions of Europe’s centuries-old winemaking with the most advanced technology available.

The grapes are harvested in near-freezing, predawn temperatures and then extracted with a modern, state-of-the-art press. Reds ferment in handmade French Oak that breathes naturally before aging in French Oak barrels built new for each vintage. Whites are aged and fermented in egg-shaped concrete vessels based on early Greco-Roman designs, whose oval shape lets the wine swirl and flow naturally.

You’ll learn all about grapes, fermenting and bottling when you visit the estate for a 60- or 90-minute private tasting led by one of the knowledgeable and friendly wine ambassadors.

“We strive to deliver an elevated luxury tasting experience in every way,” said Director of Hospitality Jennie Hess, “which you’ll find in the tasting lodge setting and in the level of hospitality.”

Perhaps they’ll even share a bit about their name, which comes from their pursuit of perfection in winemaking. The Greek name speaks to the potential to obtain limitless power. And their logo, the Greek delta, symbolizes their winemaking journey, which in mathematics is the ability to change the value of any variable. In the same way, these people, in this place, with these tools can overcome any obstacle in their pursuit of wine perfection.

Plan Your Visit

Dynamis Estate Wines is open 11am-5pm Wednesday-Saturday and 12-5pm Sunday for wine tastings by reservation. Call in advance or reserve a tasting online at All guests must be 21 years old as they are a private estate and working vineyard. Light snacks from the local farm-to-table café, The Barking Coyote Kitchen, are available. 



Dynamis Estate Wines

1004 Highland Road

Jonesville, NC 28642


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