Napping is Good for You

For the longest time, I was an adamant anti-napper. In my naïve arrogance, I thought “Who has time for such a thing? Napping is for babies, preschoolers and seriously old […]

Complete Rehab: Five Things to Know!

Brett Duffey and his team at Complete Rehab in Clemmons, NC, call themselves the “neuropathy specialists” for some very good reasons! If you’re struggling with pain, tingling, numbness, or other […]

Minimizing Holiday Stress

BY JULIE FRITZ The holidays can be such a stressful time for everyone.  Between the shopping, planning holiday events and gatherings, decorating, and maybe even traveling, it can be overwhelming.  […]

Make Breast Health a Priority

Distracted with family, her work as an assistant district attorney and the COVID-19 pandemic, Sally Kirby-Turner says she missed her regular OB-GYN appointment. Sally has known for years that seeing […]

Just Move!

Sit down. Have a seat. I just want to sit. We Americans do a lot of sitting. Consider these disturbing stats: sedentary jobs in the US have increased 83% since […]

The Power of Positivity

PHOTO BY CARRIE ALLEN A few days ago, I was sitting at the edge of the playground with a few of my mom friends while our kids played, and we […]