Charlotte Vintage Furniture & Modern Fabrics: Beautifully Sustaining Style

photos by CARRIE ALLEN

Charlotte Vintage Furniture and Modern Fabrics share more than simply side-by-side retail space in Huntersville. They are also kindred spirits when it comes to saving the earth!

Modern Fabrics co-owners Ewa and James Powell were indeed ahead of their time with recycling fabric. “Our company saves the earth, one yard of fabric at a time!” Ewa explains. With every purchase of their discontinued designer textiles, customers join the couple’s reclaiming efforts, geared towards reducing waste. The reclaimed fabrics they sell are from the finest luxury furniture companies in the United States – remnants that would otherwise be discarded and headed straight for a landfill. That makes every day Earth Day at Modern Fabrics – a salute both businesses will be celebrating this year on April 22!

At the core of Charlotte Vintage Furniture’s creative efforts is the mission of upcycling well-loved furniture and home accessories. “It’s a smart, simple idea, and encourages shoppers to embrace sustainability in their everyday lives,” says Katrina Teague, who co-owns the store with her husband Stan. Connoisseurs of Mid-Century Modern furniture and décor – a passion developed while decorating their own home – Charlotte Vintage Furniture is exclusive to modernism, which sets them apart in the Lake Norman and Greater Charlotte area.

Get to know more about these two amazing businesses – both built on rescuing and revitalizing wasted products – and both with an eye on the future. Each hopes your future home will include a “re-loved” piece or two, chosen from a combination of their creative retail efforts!


Numbers tell the story, and Katrina and Stan offer these startling statistics: The EPA counts over 12 million tons of waste generated by the furniture industry each year, with 80% going straight to the nearest landfill – and “fast furniture” is contributing to this disturbing trend.

“Furniture from the 1950s to the 1970s has stood the test of time – just like quality fabrics,” says Stan. 

The store has been a true hands-on labor of love for Katrina and Stan since both retired from their earlier careers. They settled into their historic Huntersville location in March of 2022, after selling MCM treasures from a warehouse location and, before that, enjoying a successful online business.

“We love guiding clients towards a perfect sofa or decorative accessory in the store,” says Katrina. “It’s like finding the final puzzle piece to a family’s new home. Being right next to Modern Fabrics also gives our clients the chance to find a chair or sofa they love at our store and walk next door to choose the perfect fabric for reupholstery.”


We feel strongly about investing in iconic pieces that appreciate over time,” says Stan. “We’re drawn to the aesthetic of clean lines and minimal embellishment.” Katrina describes their roots in modernism philosophy as less of a style, and more of a way of life. “These pieces are solid, functional, and respectful of the environment,” she says. “They are made of real wood and real steel – always a better quality, plus these pieces hold their value.”

Katrina and Stan find most of the items they sell themselves, scheduling a week-long buying adventure at least once every quarter, with some side trips, auctions, and estate sales mingled in between. Inventory changes weekly, so if you see it and like, buy it! They are also ramping up their consignment business, in light of recent demand. “We offer a 360-degree opportunity,” says Katrina.

Charlotte Vintage Furniture has become a true shopping destination for repeat customers. And when it’s time to handle a relative’s estate, they often turn to Katrina and Stan for advice.

“Look closely at those vintage pieces that bring you happy memories and particular joy,” says Katrina. “Preserve them and pass them along to future generations! We see a fair amount of regret from people who immediately sell everything from a parent’s home.”


Here’s some food for thought: Lake Norman has 520 miles of shoreline. Since Modern Fabrics opened their doors 15 years ago, they have saved approximately two million yards of fabric from going to the landfill, that’s over 1,100 miles of fabric! That’s two trips around Lake Norman!

At Modern Fabrics you can buy designer drapery and upholstery fabrics that have been rescued from cutting room floors – at 50-75% off their retail price. Ewa travels far and wide to source the fabrics you find in the Huntersville location and in the online store (, and each bolt has a unique story behind it.


Her finds are often in the most obscure locations, and she brings them home for lucky customers who know the value of exquisite textiles. Meanwhile, Debra Worthy manages the day-to-day Huntersville store operations. With countless years of design experience, Debra will advise you on what fabrics are best-suited for your project, and what colors and patterns will complement your space. 

The perfect companion business model to their retail neighbors, Ewa and her Modern Fabrics staff continually remind customers of the quality of vintage furniture. “The older the furniture, the better it’s made. If you already own a piece you love, and it’s comfortable and fits your space, you should definitely recover it,” she adds, pointing out bolts of fabric from linen, wool, and tweed, to rich velvet and mohair.

The Modern Fabrics team can connect you with expert workrooms in the Lake Norman area, and they will gladly walk you through the entire upholstery, pillow, or drapery-making process.

“As a modern society, we always buy, buy, buy, but we don’t create!” says Ewa. “But an older piece of furniture that’s recovered with love and care, now that tells a story. Choose a classic sofa or chair from Charlotte Vintage or your grandmother’s house, then select the fabric from us. You’ll have something in your home that is truly one-of-a-kind.”

Both Charlotte Vintage Furniture and Modern Fabrics are celebrating anniversaries in March, so stay tuned for details on their social media pages!

The Modern Fabrics family can’t wait to meet you, at 15435 NC-73, Huntersville, NC, 704-740-9676. Shop their online store at, email, and follow them on Instagram @modernfabrics. Store hours are Tuesday through Saturday 10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. Enjoy meeting Katrina and Stan on your own shopping adventure at Charlotte Vintage Furniture, located at 15435 NC-73 in Huntersville, NC, 704-727-0362, and online at Store hours are Wednesday through Saturday 10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m., and military and first responder discounts are offered. Follow them on Instagram @charlottevintagefurniture, or email either or for more information.


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