Consign On A Dime & Showplace 28: Why Consigning Makes Sense!

With two unique locations, Consign On A Dime & Showplace 28 both take this tagline seriously: “Where Consignment Meets Refinement!”

While you’re pondering the consignment trend and weighing your options when it comes to fine furniture and decor, owner Heather Kline offers the company’s “Top Five” reasons why consignment is always the right thing to do!

Furniture Consignment Takes The Hassle Out Of Selling

When you bring your furniture to a consignment store, they take the guesswork out of both pricing and selling. One of the biggest benefits you receive from a consignment furniture store is having access to their customer base — something you won’t have access to when selling on your own. Most people who consign their furniture start online, and taking photos, writing descriptions, and posting them on online platforms is time-consuming. By choosing a consignment furniture store to assist in the resale of your furniture, your items will be staged beautifully amongst other decor inside a showroom. That highlights your furniture in its best light, and also increases the likelihood of a definite sale. And all this requires little effort on your part!

Direct Selling Risks

When you choose to sell your furniture directly, there are many risks you could potentially face. From damage to your furniture, selling to the wrong buyers, and allowing strangers into your home, these risks add unnecessary stress to your life. When you work with a consignment store, you skip these hassles completely. The consignment process will handle every step of the resale, and ensure you are getting the best value for your items. Bypassing the physical and emotional stress of direct selling can not only save you headaches, but also time and money!

Local Small Business

While supporting your local community is beneficial, it’s also helpful to be able to access brand name items quickly at a convenient location. There are endless benefits to shopping locally, and by choosing to consign at a local furniture store, you’ll be able to access these benefits for yourself — and for the community.

Consigning Your Furniture is Eco-Friendly

Recycling isn’t just for glass bottles, plastics, and cardboard packaging. By utilizing the services of a consignment store to resell your furniture, you not only make money on the unwanted items, but you help save the environment at the same time. Rather than throwing away perfectly good furniture that could end up filling landfills, consigning not only gives them a second chance, but also helps save the environment. These items can be repurposed, reused, and enjoyed in another home, and could even end up being someone else’s new favorite piece!

Consignment Furniture Stores Have a Tight Knit Following

Consignment store owners have access to plenty of shoppers, with solid, established customer relationships. Frugal shoppers aren’t the only customers at a consignment store! Many small-town consignment stores belong to a tight knit community of customers who stop by every week to see what has arrived. Many store owners also have close relationships with interior designers in their area, and these relationships allow savvy shoppers to find items that are rare gems or high-quality pieces of furniture at a fraction of the price.

Consign On A Dime is located at 19207 W. Catawba Avenue, Suite A, Cornelius, NC, 704-892-8492, and online at Showplace 28 is located at 20924 Torrence Chapel Road, Cornelius, NC, 704-892-4447, and online at Follow them on Instagram @coadandsp28. Store hours are Tuesday through Saturday 10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.


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