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Chris Campolieta of Motto Mortgage knows the Lake Norman area well, and will tell clients in a heartbeat the best reasons to move here!

‘It is becoming very obvious that Lake Norman is brimming with possibilities!” says Chris. “The number of restaurants and businesses that make their way to ‘The Lake’ is unbelievable.  Lake Norman is also very affordable compared to some surrounding areas. Of course, you have those beautiful lake homes, but there are also a lot of great neighborhoods that are perfect for raising a family.”

Whether you are in the market for your very first home, or looking to buy a second residence, Lake Norman is a perfect fit, and Chris is your best resource for quality, efficient loans! Because we all know real estate transactions can happen quickly, Chris shares how he expedites the process, and keeps his clients on track to close quickly.

“Communicate, communicate, communicate!” he explains. “From start to finish, I am calling everyone to make the deal happen as smoothly and quickly as possible. I believe in being up front and honest about what each loan will take to close on time — or even faster. We set the expectations ahead of time!”

From the very first consultation, Chris gauges how familiar a client is with the home-buying process overall, and especially in 2023.

“Some clients might be buying a home for the first time, some may have bought five houses in the last 10 years,” says Chris. “Every family’s story is different. It’s my job as a mortgage professional to help where I am needed at all times. I try to collect documents ahead of time, so when the file goes to underwriting, we aren’t running into issues. Some deals have more speed bumps than others, but I care enough to be there every step of the way.”

It’s clear from client and broker testimonials that Chris’s caring approach and willingness to pick up the phone when something more than a text message or email is needed, does make all the difference.

“It’s obvious that Chris loves what he does, and is passionate about helping families get into a new home! When working alongside him, I’m always impressed with his around-the-clock availability, and my clients rave about the same characteristic. My clients also appreciate his experience with VA loans and his ability to answer any questions or concerns in a clear, timely manner. I’m confident my clients are in great hands when they choose Chris as their Loan Officer!”

—-Tracey Greene, Premier Real Estate of the Sandhills

“Chris helped me get a second mortgage so I could get into my dream home in Whispering Pines. Chris gave 110% and I highly recommend him!

—Teri Morgan, recent client of Motto Mortgage

“Chris was an amazing broker! Honestly, we were turned down by three other brokers, and we were so discouraged when we were trying to buy a house. As a Veteran, I just wanted to have a nice home for my children to live in with a nice neighborhood. A neighbor told me about Chris, and I called him around 8:00 p.m. one night and told him about our situation. He was having dinner with his family, but took his personal time to help us find a map to get our dream home. We were down on our luck, and he came in to give us hope, working efficiently and diligently to get us in our home by Christmas! Chris was transparent through the process, and gave us guidance on how to meet our goal. We were truly blessed to have him as our broker. I always refer him to anyone looking to purchase a home!”

—-Vanessa Iacovone, recent client of Motto Mortgage


Motto Mortgage is located at 160 West New York Avenue, Suite 2A, in Southern Pines, NC, 910-406-2305 or 704-619-8565, or email Chris at A locally owned and operated franchise, Motto Mortgage understands the local real estate market, and loves being part of a vibrant community. You’ll get personalized service and the convenience of today’s digital mortgage solutions. Or, if you prefer face-to-face conversations or in-depth phone calls, Chris is here for you!


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