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“Finding what you love and what makes you comfortable is a key element to being happy and content in your own home,” explains Heather Kline, who, along with her husband, Andrew, bought Consign On A Dime & Showplace 28 in 2020.

The two love their unique niche in the marketplace, opening their Cornelius, NC, stores to a variety of designs and styles, while also focusing on luxury brands, and extremely unique finds.

“We do accept a few select vintage items, as many of our younger buyers like to mix a classic vintage piece in with a modern setting,” Heather explains. “The beautiful part of this company is at any given time you can walk into the stores and view an amazing selection of items  — and then the following week our stores can be packed full of completely different designs.”

Heather and Andrew have loved meeting some amazing people within the past three years, from “original” Cornelius families who owned the farmland that is now Lake Norman, to high-profile athletes living in the community. 

“Meeting clients lets us establish a friendship with them that allows the lines of communication, and design recommendations, to stay open and flowing,” says Heather. The team — a total of 17 between the two stores — will begin prepping their huge Christmas inventory space soon, which will open on November 1st, while constantly re-designing displays to showcase the current inventory.

“Our staff works so hard to curate bays of designs with what products we have to choose from at the time,” says Heather. “I’m truly amazed by what they can construct with what we have on hand — it’s always absolutely stunning.”


Heather also feels education is important, and the staff at both stores works hard to stay up-to-date on trends. 

“We all love browsing Interior Designers’ Instagram pages to gain knowledge of what clients are searching for, and following along with trends on social media to see what’s desired at the moment, and what’s on the way out.”

Heather says mixed metals with a splash of color are definitely trending. “Natural wood tones with a balance of earth tones are also popular now,” she adds. “We  advise customers to make their space their own. There isn’t really a specific formula when it comes to design.”

She knows customers find images on social media or Pinterest that they love — and piecing that design together is where her staff’s expertise comes in! 

“Many interior designers also come through our stores to view our weekly inventory. Some will be searching for that unique item to put the final touch on a project,” she adds.

Every April and October — coming up! — the Consign on a Dime team attends the High Point Furniture Market to see new trends and designs first-hand, as well as meet new vendors.

“I love to work with furniture design showrooms, and many of them choose to consign their showroom samples once they move them off the floor or discontinue them. At least once a month we also attend in-home appointments where residents may want to consign 50-75% of the furniture in the home.”

All that works in harmony to create the varied inventory available in both stores.

“I truly think our team is doing more than just selling consignment furniture  — we create a fun welcoming environment for visitors to stop by and browse, as well as just enjoy a friendly chat!”

The store’s art and accessories vary from traditional oil paintings to contemporary abstract pieces, and they recently offered a framed print from a local artist that’s still available in art galleries throughout the NC/SC area. From vintage Itzchak Tarkay art to original watercolors on canvas, you can find them at either location. Showplace 28 also sells custom furniture by Rowe — from sofas to chairs, with a wide selection of fabric to choose from. 

As fall transitions into the holidays, the team looks forward to celebrating with some wonderful pieces.

“Our holiday inventory is some of my favorites!” explains Heather. “Last year we even had ‘The Grinch’ appear (sneaking through both stores to surprise customers!!) Who knows who will appear this year as we inch closer to the holidays!”

Heather and Andrew know their successes and expansions wouldn’t be possible without a dedicated staff, and the overwhelming support within the Lake Norman small business community. Consign On A Dime is always looking for clean, gently used, quality furniture and home accessories. All items must be pre-approved for consignment, and you can email pictures to Consign On A Dime & Showplace 28 have a proven track record of quick turnover because of their high-quality inventory. 

The perfect pieces to refresh your current home, a new apartment, or even a college dorm room, are waiting at Consign On A Dime, located at 19207 W. Catawba Avenue, Suite A, Cornelius, NC, 704-892-8492, and online at Showplace 28 is located at 20924 Torrence Chapel Road, Cornelius, NC, 704-892-4447, and online at Follow them on Instagram @coadandsp28. Store hours are Tuesday through Saturday 10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.


Consignment Takes The Hassle Out Of Selling

We take the guesswork out of both pricing and selling. By working with a consignment furniture store, your items will be staged beautifully with other décor inside a showroom, highlighting your furniture in its best light!

No Direct Selling Risks

From damage to your furniture, selling to the wrong buyers, and allowing strangers into your home, there can be stressors.  We handle every step, and ensure you are getting the best value for your items. 

Consigning Furniture is Eco-Friendly

By using the services of a consignment store to resell your furniture, you not only make money, but you also help save the environment. Rather than throwing away perfectly good furniture that ends up in a landfill, consigning gives pieces a second chance and helps the environment. Your beloved items can be repurposed, reused, and enjoyed in another home!

Yes, Consignment Furniture Stores Have a Following!

Consignment store owners have access to plenty of shoppers, with solid, established customer relationships, and frugal shoppers aren’t the only ones shopping there. Many small-town consignment stores belong to a tight knit community of customers who stop by every week to see what’s new. Store owners also have relationships with interior designers in their area, allowing shoppers to find high-quality furniture at a fraction of the price. Plus, supporting small businesses is always the best idea!


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