CoolVu Greater Charlotte – A Clearer View of What’s Important

If you’re looking to ease everyday stress with the feeling of more privacy, fewer UV rays from the sun and an overall safer and more comfortable feeling both at home or work, get to know CoolVu Greater Charlotte.

From window tinting to privacy frosted glass, wall graphics, architectural surface finishes and retro-fit security glass solutions, CoolVu offers a range of products to improve your most valued spaces. With coverage areas that include Mooresville, NC, all the way to Lancaster, SC, CoolVu also invites Lake Norman area residents to see what their rave reviews are all about!

Franchise Owners Chu Wong and Billy Phillips opened the Charlotte location in 2022 after their search for a new business venture left them immensely impressed with CoolVu’s quality solutions portfolio. With products manufactured in the United States, CoolVu is the franchise derivative of Window Film Depot, a leader in the window films and graphics industry for almost 30 years. Both Chu and Billy bring extensive business experience to the mix and were pleased with what had made the company so successful. 

“The operation is lean and efficient, and we often get our inventory in 24-48 hours,” explains Chu. Because of their high-quality products and proven success, CoolVu can offer a lifetime warranty to residential customers and a 15-year warranty to commercial customers, for most CoolVu branded products.  

“Most important to us is that our products actually solve real-life, everyday problems,” Chu explains. “Whether for your home or work, we are proud to be a solution provider of quality products and services for solar, privacy or security concerns!”

Upgrading your home or business surfaces has never been easier – or sleeker – with architectural films for walls and windows, window tinting, printed graphics, murals and custom wallpaper solutions. It’s easy to protect and refinish stone, wood and glass surfaces.

CoolVu not only offers you stylish options for renovating your old surfaces, but their products control heat and the damaging effects of UV rays while providing much-needed privacy and security, as well. Many clients find window film tinting to be a popular installation alternative to traditional window coverings such as blinds and curtains, providing energy efficiency, privacy, UV protection and few maintenance requirements. 

CoolVu films reduce sun glare by up to 90%, and window films add more natural light in your home or office and help control energy costs. The CoolVu team will guide you in creating your own custom wallpaper or wall and window graphics for store windows or building lobbies – offering the best way to promote your brand. And, creating a mural for your space is also the perfect vehicle for self-expression!

Available in varied thickness, safety and security films are typically installed on the interior of existing window and door glass, creating a “clear shield” barrier to intruders and the elements. These retrofit security measures can significantly deter unwarranted entry, reduce stolen products and lessen harm to the premises or its occupants. 

Completing your project with ease and efficiency is at the heart of CoolVu’s mission, and they offer free consultations for both residential and commercial clients, sharing samples, taking measurements, providing free quotes and explaining the ease of installation.

“We can fully leverage the experienced installers in the CoolVu network whenever we need installers on large projects,” she adds. “This gives us great flexibility to scale our crew size according to the job size. We can take care of smaller residential jobs, or we can quickly pull a big team of installers together to tackle big commercial jobs. This gives us a competitive advantage in this very fragmented industry with a lot of small ‘Mom & Pop’ operations, who may not have these additional resources.”

CoolVu Greater Charlotte is also proud to be an authorized reseller of DefenseLite® and BulletShield™ security products from its sister company, Impact Security. DefenseLite Pro is a clear, retrofit polycarbonate or security glass system engineered to prevent forced entry at commercial buildings. A bullet will go through the panel, but the intruders can’t enter. BulletShield is the ballistic resistant derivative of DefenseLite. BulletShield – for commercial use – is bullet-resistant and can also stop forced entry. BulletShield’s retrofit design anchors onto existing glazing frames, offering impressive ballistic performance at a fraction of the cost of traditional fully rated bullet-resistant glass systems.

Veteran-owned and independently operated, CoolVu Greater Charlotte is located at 8322 Pineville Matthews Road, Suite 602 #1073, 833.426.6588. Hours are Monday through Friday 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Learn more about incorporating their glass and surface solutions into the life of your home or business at


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