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Since day one, the goal at Magic Maid has always remained true: Provide reliable, organic cleaning services, while showing happy clients a level of professionalism they can truly trust.

As Lake Norman’s most personable all-natural, organic residential cleaning services, Magic Maid exclusively uses eco-friendly products and procedures. A mother herself, Owner Aga Wegrzyn brings her concerns about her own children’s health to the business. The team operates with only organic products after Aga was inspired by watching Shark Tank, where she learned of Better Life Organic and Nature products. After every visit by a Magic Maid team member, you’ll know you, your loved ones and the LKN natural environment are all safer!

Originally from Poland, both Aga and her husband, Daniel, came to the United States at the age of 21 and immediately found cleaning jobs while living in Rhode Island. The two opened their own business there after only six months, utilizing the economics and management degree Aga earned in Poland, as well as her masters degree in law and business administration.

“We started with restaurants and, after one year, we expanded to stores, offices and houses,” shares Aga. “So, we have altogether been in business since 2001, more than 23 years.”

In those early days, the energetic couple cleaned restaurants at night – seven nights a week – and went to school during the day to learn English.

“It was hard because we worked at night and studied during the day, with not much time to rest,” Aga remembers. “We were young and ready to build our American dream!”

While they initially did all the cleaning work themselves, they eventually gathered enough business to contract more employees, and the Magic Maid team today numbers 16! Learning the cleaning industry from scratch, Aga also knows what it’s like not to be the boss – which she feels helps her appreciate how her current employees are feeling on a daily basis.

Later, they moved to Canada for 10 years, opening a successful cleaning company in the Toronto area. But, three years ago, they happily moved the family to North Carolina – including their three kids, Fabian, Alex and Bianca. The two older sons are involved in the business here, which provides meticulous services to restaurants, offices and homes at Lake Norman and around the Charlotte area. They also focus on vacation homes and Airbnb rentals.

Aga is the first to tell you the importance of client relationships and feeling a connection between clients and their Magic Maid team member.

“We choose our employees very carefully to select only the best,” she shares. “We have to trust them, and my clients need to feel the same way! Our relationship with many clients is that of friendship – when our employees arrive, clients hug them and treat them like family members – which is amazing!” 

That relationship goes both ways, as the Magic Maid team cares for clients’ homes with the same respect they would their own homes!

“Each customer is an individual, and I always meet them in person first to see the house and understand their needs and preferences,” Aga adds. “We make it a priority to achieve maximum effectiveness and see that any issues or concerns are taken seriously.”

With her strong work ethic and true fondness for people, Aga says she happily strives to be a friend to her employees and not just their boss.

“They know they can count on me! We try to have the best possible atmosphere at work because, together, we work as a team!”

With the mindset of continually improving their services and staying up-to-date on organic industry advancements, Magic Maid brings the peace of mind all-natural products provide, right to your doorstep. Based in Denver, NC, learn more about their services around Charlotte and the Lake Norman area at, email or call 704.616.6679. You can also follow them on Facebook @magicmaidnc.


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