Dynamis Estate Wines: Toasting a Glorious Spring!

photos by CARRIE ALLEN

With the breathtaking Blue Ridge Mountains as a backdrop, and less than an hour’s drive from the Lake Norman area, the exquisite Dynamis Estate Wines in Jonesville, NC, is truly a loving, hands-on experience. 

From harvest to bottling, to sharing every distinctive Dynamis wine with discerning guests, the entire process is 100% estate-grown, hand-picked, and handcrafted! All the Bordeaux-inspired wines produced here are grown, aged, and bottled right on the estate. LKN Magazine caught up with Vineyard & Orchard Manager, Joseph Geller, for a little insight into what the Spring season means to these savvy wine-makers.

LKN: After being protected all winter, bud break is such a crucial time at the vineyard. When does that typically start, and when does flowering begin?

JOSEPH: Mid-April is when we typically start seeing bud break in the vineyard, and mid-May is when the grape flowers bloom. Grapes have a later start, compared to our peaches and apples. Once the grapevines bloom, that determines both the size of the crop and the size of the berries.

LKN: What are ideal Spring temperatures for the crops? How can you protect them from a late frost?

JOSEPH: Agriculture needs steady, regular weather patterns to be successful, and when we have unusual temperature swings during winter and early spring, this can result in crop damage.  For the vineyard, we really need a cold February and March to keep the vines dormant until mid-April.  If we have a mild winter, the vines will wake up early and have a longer exposure period to possible frost events.  The best way to avoid frost is good site selection with relative elevation gain —  to put your vines above the frost line. Utilizing large fans or wind machines in the vineyard can help circulate air to keep warmer air down towards the ground.


LKN: How do you adapt to such significant seasonal changes?

JOSEPH: I’ve learned that every season brings its own challenges, and it’s always different from the year before. We monitor the weather and each variety’s progress carefully, and adjust our canopy management and harvest strategies accordingly, to ensure we can achieve our premium fruit quality goals.  

LKN: What inspires you most about your work at Dynamis?

JOSEPH: We get to work at one of the most beautiful properties in North Carolina — doing what we love! The vines are very happy up here on the mountain, and so are the hard-working people who take care of them! We love continuing the farming history.

LKN: Are there any new wine introductions for spring to share with our readers? Any special events happening in May or June? 

JOSEPH: We will be releasing our first Rosé in late spring — which will be made from our Estate Malbec, offering a Provence-style Rosé. Dynamis Rosé will be dry, with minerality, and delicately fruity. Director of Hospitality, Jennie Hess, adds that Dynamis will be launching our inaugural Rosé on Saturday, May 20, with Rosé Day — including a charcuterie truck, live music, and, of course, tastings!

LKN: What do you feel sets Dynamis Estate Wines apart from other vineyards in North Carolina? What defines a guest’s Dynamis experience?

JOSEPH: Our site’s elevation and geology create the perfect environment to grow premium wine grapes. At 1,640 feet, our vineyards get a steady breeze, which grapes like. Our rocky soil — and the way it drains — make it ideal for producing high-quality fruit. We hope people recognize the quality of wine we are striving to produce, and the incredible potential we have here in North Carolina. Most people leave our vineyard feeling like they just visited a luxury tasting room on the west coast — such as Napa or Sonoma!

Plan your Spring trip to Dynamis Estate Wines now! The vineyard is located at 1004 Highland Road, Jonesville, NC, 336-468-6702. Make your reservation for an elite wine-tasting experience, or join their Wine Club online at Dynamisestatewines.com. The site also features an Interactive Vineyard & Orchard Map to provide more information on each block of the vineyard. Dynamis Estate Wines is open 11:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Wednesday through Saturday, and 12:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m. on Sunday for reserved wine tastings. All guests must be 21 years old.


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