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There are services everyone needs in their daily life.  We all seek to establish well-honed relationships with service providers who are reputable, responsive and do great work.  Finding a great mechanic, dentist, pet sitter and even a lawn care specialist for your family are all examples of businesses that just make life smoother.

GrassRoots Turf LKN is a lawn care service that is a local business you should certainly add to your rolodex of service providers who get the job done.   They are located here in the Lake Norman community and are your hometown resource for expert lawncare.

David Tilley, owner of GrassRoots Turf LKN, sat down to discuss his background and his business and all it can do for their customers each day.  They are here to provide all the resources needed to keep your lawn looking its best.

Have you always been in the lawn care business?  What was the genesis for this line of business for you specifically? 

Tilley: I’ve had 40+ years in a successful corporate career building teams and business units and exited my corporate path in 2020.

GrassRoots Turf started 20+ years ago in the Atlanta market and we brought it to Charlotte in 2019; first, by bringing it to South Charlotte and then to the Lake Norman area in 2021.

My wife and I have always been gardeners and lawn keepers for our own properties, and it appealed to me to work outside, interfacing with customers and fill a void I think was needed in our marketplace. My motivation was not to build a big company like some of the others in this space, but to build a great place to work for my employees and provide the best lawns in the Lake Norman area. It’s that simple.

What sets GrassRoots apart from other lawn service businesses?

Tilley: Our business model is all-inclusive; we use the best products that are available and tackle all issues anyone’s lawn may see from year to year. We don’t apply unnecessary upcharges.

The training we give to every one of our local employees is unmatched.

We specialize in treatments for the health of lawns and tree and shrubs. That’s it!   We don’t mow, trim, mulch, hardscape, etc.  We are very narrowly focused on what our mission is and feel we’re the best at what we do.

What would be the one thing you want to convey to potential customers?

Tilley: We really do care! We treat your lawn like it’s our own.  We understand what people want from their landscape and lawn.  We understand how important your home and surroundings are to your health and well-being.

Who is your target audience?  

Tilley: Anyone who has a lawn and cares about it!  The customer will have much better results with any lawncare company when they are engaged with the service provider.  We have no issues communicating our knowledge and expertise to exceed our customers’ expectations.  Again, we care!  We always find great enjoyment going back 2 or 6 or 12 months later after we have started a lawn, when we then can say, “Yes, we did this.”. It’s such a great feeling!

What is your greatest challenge in this industry?

Tilley: Probably finding and retaining good employees.  I work very hard at finding, coaching, and mentoring good employees. As much as I need to be happy with their performance, I want them to be happy with their work.

I want my customers to feel comfortable with my service team and have complete confidence in their work. And by the way, I am personally on every property, go out on the truck every day, and work in the field as much as my employees do! I want my employees to act like it’s their company as well!

What brings you joy with this business?

Tilley: Offering a great product!  I love offering customized service for every property, including custom mixing treatment materials streetside for the issues on a particular lawn.

And who doesn’t love 5-star GOOGLE ratings?  I am always thrilled knowing that we are bringing great results to customers, and they’re thanking us every day!

I love knowing my employees are happy and fulfilled after a hard day’s work!

What do you want your regular customers to say about you when someone asks them about your service?

Tilley: We want our regular customers to say that we are the best in the business!  We think that keeping a great lawn is probably the most competitive endeavor!  This past year, we saw over 60% of new customer acquisitions were from referrals.  So, we know our regular customers are talking in the community about us.   Right on our truck, we have posted a customer testimonial that says, “The Best Service Company Ever!”


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