GrassRoots Turf of Lake Norman: The Business of Beautiful Lawns

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Proud to be a locally owned and operated business, GrassRoots Turf of Lake Norman is a team that provides next-level care for your lawn. That translates to a relaxing, enjoyable aesthetic for your family’s everyday living, and lovely landscaping for your neighbors to admire. No matter what side of the street you live on (and yes, it can make a difference!), GrassRoots Turf has the insight and expertise to keep your lawn looking amazing.

Owner David Tilley introduced GrassRoots Turf to North Charlotte and the Lake Norman area in mid 2021.

“We live in the Lake Norman communities we serve, and we consider it a privilege to deliver unbeatable lawn care service to our neighbors, friends, and new families moving into the community,” says David. Part of that outstanding customer service includes those little details that make such a difference: arriving on time and ready to work, closing your gate behind them, and leaving things neat and tidy. Those polite ways of doing business add up to being the premier choice for lawn treatments in Lake Norman, Catawba, Cornelius, Davidson, Denver, and the surrounding areas.

“We only hire trustworthy technicians with personal integrity and a strong work ethic,” says David. “There’s nothing we take more seriously than the trust you’ve placed in us.”


David knows his team leads with their customer service, agronomy and turf knowledge, and the quality of the products they use is the best around. The word – and reputation – is spreading, and this past year 80% of the company’s new customers came from referrals. Loyal clients know there won’t be added charges or hidden fees, and there’s also the option to make unlimited service calls between the routine visits at no extra cost!

Every lawn is different, and the team starts by getting acquainted, says David. “These are questions we ask a new customer: Do they have irrigation? What are their mowing practices? After all, there are many different pressures and distractions, and then there’s Mother Nature!”

No one’s lawn or situation is exactly the same, and working together is key.

“My motivation for owning and growing GrassRoots Turf surprises many people,” says David. “We’re building a company that supports its employees with year-round work, living wages, health benefits, paid time off, a healthy environment to work in, and a weekly salary regardless of weather. We are passionate about our work – and, of course, we strive for beautiful lawns!”

Business tripled in size last year, says David, and he has the right equipment and capability to be able to double in size this year.


“As the science of lawn care changes and new products are available, we use them, regardless of cost,” explains David. “We train and study every day! All my techs understand our mission is to get a client’s lawn moving towards the best health possible.” Their applications are based on what your lawn needs – and the process always starts with a free estimate.

“Many companies put down a simple NPK type granular fertilizer, use generic type herbicides for their weed control, and charge per application. We take an all-inclusive approach, and apply many different types of nitrogen for feeding, including some that are time-released,” he explains. Most importantly, we focus on soil health and changing the structure. It’s a carbon-based, humic focused science that greatly improves the plants uptake. We use only the best herbicides available for particular targets, and preventive fungicides and stagger them so the turf does not become resistant.”

For fescue lawns they now offer three different choices for Aeration and seeding in the Fall.

“We go overboard and put down 40% more seed and many other additives, again working on soil health and achieving better results. We have a premium version of this which is unmatched in our area. For lawns that are in really good shape we can liquid aerate and overseed with great results, and we have a four-seed blend that’s the best of the best. It’s highly drought and fungus resistant with 0% weed seeds.”

GrassRoots also applies micro-nutrients and biologics in almost every application. For warm season turf like Bermuda and Zoysia they have perfected a Liquid Aeration application that is a “game changer” for both the health of the lawn and for the soil. This is a service they normally do in May, after the first feeding. David explains that most of the time there is NO need to punch holes in the ground for warm season turfs.

David and his team enjoy teaching customers how and why they use certain techniques, and they also work well with ‘engaged’ customers who already understand what it takes to get their lawn to the next level.

“In addition, our tree and shrub program is very similar to our lawn program with six applications, paid monthly,” says David. “It is timed to treat for fertilizing at the right time, and defending against insect and fungus issues. If you have plantings that do not have many pests, we also have a twice-a-year feeding program for those plants in spring and fall.”

GrassRoots Turf also includes a pre-emergent treatment that is strategically timed to control weeds before their emergence. Late fall or early winter is perfectly fine for this procedure, and it’s always a good idea to discuss the future game plan for your lawn!

If you’re bothered by other pests, they also offer a popular mosquito program, applying different products to give both a quick knockdown, as well as extended coverage. The team returns every 30 to 35 days, maintaining coverage from April through October.

If you’re ready to stand out in the neighborhood, bring your yard to the next level, and truly enjoy time spent outside at home in a beautiful, healthy yard, give GrassRoots Turf a call at 833-66-GRASS, follow them on Facebook, and visit them online at You can also contact David Tilley directly at 704-740-5061.


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