IceBox Cryotherapy: Where Cool is a Healthy Option!

It’s easy to see why IceBox Cryotherapy in Huntersville wants you to experience their unique version of cool!

Not just for athletes and fitness buffs, cryotherapy holds benefits for everyone, and improves a variety of conditions we all face. From pain management and boosting immunity to healthier skin, athletic recovery, and overall stress relief, the results of cryotherapy can be life-enhancing.

Open since late October of 2022, IceBox in Huntersville boasts a team of eight professionals, led by owners Chloe and Ryan Slattery. As a registered nurse, Chloe has practiced in surgery, sports medicine, aesthetics, and IV wellness. Ryan is a physician with Atrium Healthcare. 

“When I was working at a wellness center in Charlotte, I experienced the benefits of cryotherapy myself. I wanted to bring that concept to Lake Norman!” she explains.


Whole body cryotherapy treatment offers a wealth of benefits, including reduced inflammation, improved circulation, stress reduction, faster recovery, better sleep, increased collagen, and pain reduction. It can adjust your attitude as well, and, yes, it releases endorphins! 

“Cold therapy is the best modality for quickly reducing inflammation and relieving pain from injuries, as well as accelerating muscle recovery,” Chloe adds. “All of our services at Icebox work synergistically to provide clients with maximum benefits, in a short amount of time. Localized cryotherapy is especially beneficial for smaller joints like ankles, wrists, and elbows, and we always recommend localized cryotherapy used in conjunction with whole body cryotherapy to get the best results.”


Compression therapy is also a popular option to boost circulation, and speed up muscle recovery — by helping the body remove lactic acid and other toxins faster. Compression therapy can typically be used safely in people with vein issues, but if someone has had a blood clot in the last year, it’s recommended they check with their doctor before having a treatment.

If you’re more focused on skincare, every smiling face can benefit from Cryofacials at IceBox.

“We offer a signature Cryofacial that uses our innovative cooling technology to reduce inflammation and stimulate collagen, along with a hydrating lymphatic drainage massage,” explains Chloe. “We also offer six specialty facials that target various issues — from acne to aging — with our cold technology. We even have a special facial just for men!”

If the idea of a “chilly experience” is holding you back, the dedicated team at IceBox can quickly calm your fears, and answer any questions. They love to educate new clients and dispel any misconceptions!

“We calm fears and make cryotherapy fun for people by taking the time to educate them,” says Chloe. “IceBox provides a relaxing, upbeat atmosphere, and lets you choose the music and light colors for your session. Our staff is always right outside the door, the entire time youre in the Icebox, so youre never by yourself. Also, our machine fits two people — so you can go in with a friend or partner if that helps!”

The biggest misconception about Cryotherapy treatment is that its only for hard-core athletes and bodybuilders. While Cryotherapy is best-known for accelerating recovery and relieving pain, it can also improve sleep and lower stress levels, so truly anyone can benefit!

Chloe says another misconception is expecting a hefty price tag. 


“People think Cryotherapy is going to be very expensive, and clients are shocked when we tell them a one-time treatment is $40.00, and our monthly packages can bring the cost down to as low as $6.00 per session.”

With three membership levels, IceBox offers a variety of monthly packages, as well as á la carte services. Monthly packages start at $69/month and go up to $189/month for unlimited Cryotherapy sessions and eight compressions. With their Enhanced Services, you can take your Icebox visit to the next level with Localized Cryotherapy, Red Light Treatment, and Compression Therapy. 

Take another look at all those healthy benefits, and you’ll see where IceBox can fit into your lifestyle, delivering excellent results! IceBox is located in Birkdale Village at 16735 Cranlyn Road, Building 2C, Suite D, in Huntersville, 704-237-4395. Hours are Monday through Thursday 9:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m., and Friday through Sunday 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. Email for more information, book online at, and follow them on Facebook and Instagram @icebox_lakenorman.


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