LKN Fashion: Bliss by the Lake Boutique

Bliss by the Lake Boutique is, in fact, pure bliss. From the moment you enter this upscale boutique you are in retail heaven. Located at 126 Mooresville Commons Way in Mooresville, this shop will have you coming back again and again.

Unique Items

Whenever I go shopping, I love to look for items that are unique and that not everyone is wearing – items that make you stand out in a crowd and make you feel amazing. Bliss by the Lake’s selection of accessories, shoes and clothes feel like one-of-a-kind items. I fell in love with a bendable gold bracelet that can be transformed into a necklace or a multi bangle bracelet! I had never seen it before, and I had to have it.

Something for Everyone

It’s hard to find shops that cater to many ages and styles. This boutique is a place where I can easily shop with my mom, sister, friends and any women of any age group or size. They have so many distinctive styles and shapes that it makes shopping an enjoyable event.

“Like Butter”

There was not one item that I tried on that didn’t feel amazing on my skin. From the blazers to the dresses, they all felt like I was in buttery soft pajamas.  For this simple fact alone, I will be a regular customer. I have never come across beautiful, structured pieces that felt as amazing as all the items did.

A Woman’s Touch

While browsing the store, I was amazed at the thought and attention that you could tell went into selecting each item. I came across many items that I never knew were even out there that help you fix dressing issues. From invisible belts that can be used to create the perfect tuck of your shirts to bras that have decorative shoulder straps to accessorize any top that would show a bra strap, you will be amazed at what you find.  The items of clothing were all stylish and versatile. You know that I am all about items of clothing being able to be worn at least 3 different ways.

Dressing Room

You can tell a lot about a store by its dressing room.  Bliss by the Lake’s dressing rooms was stunning. It had lots of room, great lighting, a long plush bench, lots of hooks and an elegant drape for privacy.  It made trying on clothes an enjoyable event. And everything in the boutique is very high quality. Each piece was made to last, emphasized comfort and style, and played to the beautiful figure of a woman.

Fall and Winter Trends

Whatever is in vogue for Fall/Winter 2022, you will find it at Bliss by the Lake. I jotted down a list of trends that I was interested in, and I found all the pieces in this one boutique.  They have an eye for curating a shop that is updated with quality clothes, timeless style and a unique understanding of knowing what women like and what looks great on women.

Bliss by the Lake is now one of my favorite boutiques in the Lake Norman area. It’s a must to check out and you won’t be disappointed.


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